Dryer - 3' vent for a section

grassyAugust 4, 2010

I got a new dryer and it is deeper than my previous dryer, so there is not enough space behind it for the standard 4" vent pipe.

Would there be any adverse effects if I stepped the size down to a 3" pipe coming out of the dryer for about 20 inches, then step it back up to the 4" where it connects to the pipe that leaves the house?

I'm not even sure if this gets me the space I need, but I am thinking of giving it a shot.

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I'd recommend don't do that.

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They make periscope vents. That might solve your problem. Be aware that since they are rigid (I think) that they are noisier than the flex tube type vent.

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shouldn't use "flex" tube vents...

the ridges collect lint

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I looked at the periscope vents. The problem is the way the back of the dryer is constructed and the position of the vent exiting the dryer.

The periscope gets me about an extra half inch to inch over the 4" pipe. There's a gap to the side of the vent exit that a 3" pipe could recess into nicely, which would give me even more.

Kind of a poor design if you ask me.

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