anyone have a drain pan under the washer?

tabbaldwinAugust 4, 2010

We're building a new house and a drain pan was installed in the laundry room (which is right next to hardwoods). I've never had one before. Is it hard to get the washer in it? I suppose it would be nice to have in case of a leak.

Thanks for any input on having one versus not.


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IMHO any/every appliance that uses water should have a drain underneath it.....but very few do.

Assuming its a "normal" pan with raised edges to retain potential can be a pain to get the machine on it / in it without busting a gut or damaging the pan's edges. It can also be a pain to adjust the feet after its on it / in it. It can also be a pain if the raised lip obstructs access to things down low in front that may occasionally need service -- like the pump filters many machines have down there.

Without knowing your machine or the pan's characteristics, its hard to say. However, I think you can evaluate via eye-balling and imagining whether or not it will be a problem for you.

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Oh gosh....I'm assuming because of the tight fit that the dryer will have to go in first, so lifting the washer into place will be a bear. Dang.

It's a relatively flat pan with low edges--probably standard? The washer is a new Maytag Bravos.

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The washer is much heavier. Put it in first.

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"Tight fit"? Oh, have my sympathy.

FWIW, statistically very few washers leak...ever. You might want to think about the idea of forgetting the pan and just getting the thing in there. If you're really serious about having that pan, there's nothing for it but to bear the inconvenience.

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Our old washer had a mystery, part-time leak. My friend's had a leak that went undiscovered long enough that it buckled her parquet wood that's why I have concern about it--the laundry room sits right off my hardwood floors.

I don't know how easy it would be for the dryer to go in last given that you have to attach the vent. We've always put it in first.

Wonder if I can remove the pan but leave the drain (even if the floor doesn't slope down to it, it'd be better than nothing).


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I have seen some laundry rooms where there is a pan with a drain to the sewer/washer drain or a concrete drain right in the floor under the washer which makes some sense but with a big leak I'm sure just a pan with a low edge wouldn't be of much help unless it was noticed right away. Our old 30+ yr. old Maytag (one of the original REAL Magtags!)had the water hoses replaced a couple times during it's lifetime only as a precaution (who ever turns off the faucets after each laundry as suggested?!!) but guess that would be the place where most leaks would occur?

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Most new homes come with these pre-installed, it's a nice pre-caution to have. My Lowe's installers dealt with lifting the washer in. ;) They're made to handle the standard washer dimensions of today.

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We added a washer/dryer closet when we remodeled an upstairs bathroom last year, and a drain pan was included. When the stackable washer and dryer were installed, the guys stacked them and attached the hardware that joins them together before lifting them into the drain pan. The smallest, most agile guy stayed behind the washer/dryer to attach the dryer to the vent, and then he climbed up and over the dryer, and then they eased the washer/dryer toward the back a bit, and the plumber attached the drain pan to the drain which is on the side.

I hope I never find out how well the drain works. Although I'm certain it wouldn't take care of a massive leak, I believe it would be effective for a small leak.

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I still haven't decided whether to leave it or not. If a small leak happens to the washer itself, the pan is a good idea to have under it, but if a hose bursts, then the water isn't likely going into the pan--it'll go all over and not be able to go down the drain which is only accessed through the pan. Me thinks I'm over-thinking.....

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I have a drain pan that has a removable front so it can still slide in. I'd also recommend putting a couple of little battery operated water alarms.

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I have a drainpan and had to service then replace washer. Was not that difficult. I suggest when using a drainpan in narrow room put the dryer in first then washer. Doing this would make service or replacement easier. my opinion is that it would be too risky not usig one with wood floors. My only complaint: it is harder to clean down around the bottom washer. but you can get around that.

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We had one in a house we had built, and loved it. I would do it again if we were building, and especially if it were next to hardwood. I have no recollection of the movers having any trouble putting the W/D in there. At the time it was the early 90's and we had a Whirlpool side-by-side large capacity standard machines.

Sounds like our builder does things right! Congratulations on your new house.

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