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turbo3December 11, 2010

I've gotten two quotes so far for a new high efficiency furnace (Trane and Rheem). This is only for the furnace and humidifier as I have a evaporative cooler. Both quotes seem very high based on other quotes I've seen this site and others for 95% efficient systems. I'm wondering if these HVAC companies hiking prices in lieu of the Federal Tax Credit (expiring 12/31). I've decided on the Rheem RGRM but I included Trane in case that might help others. Both quotes include complete installation and hauling away the old furnace. BTW, I'm in Colorado. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks

Quote 1:

Trane XV95: $4898 (two stage/variable speed blower)

Trane XR95: $4697

Humidifier: $650

Rheem RGRM: $4598 (two stage/variable speed blower)

Rheem RGRC: $4000

Humidifier: $650

Quote 2:

Rheem RGRM: $5800 (two stage/variable speed blower)

Two Systems in One

� 95% Variable Airflow Gas Furnace-(Model RGRM)

� Two Stage Operation

� Prestige IAQ Comfort Control - (Honeywell

Model YTHX942I R5(02)

� High-Definition, Full Color Comfort Control

� Whole-House High Efficiency Media Air

Cleaner - Aprilaire Model 4200

� Constant High Performance MERV13 Filtration

� Whole-Home, Whole Comfort Humidifier -

Aprilaire Model 600

� 10 Year Parts Warranty � 10 Year Unit Replacement Warranty

� 10 Year Labor Warranty

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prices can vary between markets. see attached link regarding furnace options from another location. Your Trane quote is obviously either overpriced or mispriced.

Here is a link that might be useful: Furnace quotes

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Well you can find the rheem furnace on ebay for around 1,500. However, you seem to have several add ons which they usually jack the price up for. My qoute for the same system was $2,800. The april air filter was $395 and the humidifier was $250 in addition. You are probably paying $295 for that labor warranty. Oh, and that IAQ stat cost as well.

IN addition, do they have any big modifications for the install?

I would suggest looking at your local angie's list, where people share what they pay for hvac installs from companies in your area and rate their experience with the companies. It is worth the price of membership. Also, get at least two other rheem dealers to give you quotes.

I personally am comfortable with around $1,500 labor for a well installed system, but would pay more if their were duct changes or something else.

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I had some duct changes (chimney liner, damper), added a bypass hunidifier and got a touchscreen thermostat (who can remember how to program them anyhow). I negotiated it for 1100 less than my original quote. Could have done better if it wasn't year end but oh well. Had to take advantage of the tax break.

Not that it's installed, what's weird is the air feels almost cold coming out, but the house is warm. I guess that is the lower stage of the two stage heat.

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This is a little late...but I am in Colorado and looking at the Rheem RGRM system. Your quote is thousands of dollars less than ours. WOuld you mind sharing the contractor ? I can send you my email if you would prefer.


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