Narrowed it down...

rick955iAugust 28, 2010

Narrowed the replacement decision down to the Bosch vision 800 and the electrolux wavefront. First question, any thoughts on narrowing to these two? Secondly, for you bosh owners out there, the auto soak mode, does it fill the tub, then drain and refill before the main wash, like a traditional prewash dose?



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Rick, I don't know about those because I haven't researched those brands, but the "soak" on some WP models I checked soaks, then drains but does not spin. Some Maytag models I checked let you pick whether you want to spin or not. Some have a soak cycle, so then you have to manually start a cleaning cycle thereafter. Others have a presoak option that drains but does not spin.

So, I think you'll need to read the manual for any chance of finding this out. Even in the same brand, new models can vary.

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Did you check the repair costs for those machines? Anything german is expensive.

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didnt check repair costs, the bosch is german designed and built in N. Carolina and Electrolux is Swedish in origin (not sure design) and built in Mexico, my current Kenmore is built in Germany.

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I had Electrolux when I lived in Bangkok. That brand was popular there but expensive to fix. We bought a Hitachi washer and it was great. Over there you don't buy a dryer because of the high cost of electricity. You know, call a repair shop and just ask them how much it costs to fix the brands you like vs a more standard brand like WP or GE. The Korean brands look really cool. Some repair people are really friendly and know first hand what works and what fails. Just a thought....

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When I started looking for a new w/d set I did a ton of research. Ideally I would have preferred the Miele but can't justify the $$. I narrowed down my choices to Bosch 500 or 800, Elux WaveTouch, Samsung 448 (I think) and LG (the new ones with the rectangular doors). I liked the look of the Electrolux, as well as the options. What made me decide against them was the fact that it is the first generation product of its kind and that did make me nervous. I also don't need that huge volume. Moreover, the doors looked quite shabby and I honestly was afraid they would likely break soon. Plus Elux is assembled in Mexico. And they are a higher end Frigidaire, Frigidaire has been getting some not great reviews (from what I've read in the last few months). That's why I more or less arrived at Bosch. Bosch is at least assembled in the US with German made parts. Plus they have been getting fairly good reviews. I decided to go for the 500 instead of the 800 because I didn't think I needed to pay the extra $ for a few extra options. Part of me wishes I went with the 800 however. BUT I am quite happy with my 500s. I am also very happy with my Bosch dishwasher.

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