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silvercanadianAugust 4, 2011

If you have a hanging rod above your washer/dryer or other countertop in your laundry room, how high is it from the top of the washer/dryer/counter to your rod? Mine is currently designed for 38", can I sacrifice any and make it lower? or is 38" already pushing it for needed room?

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I think it's all relevant to your design and layout (and most importantly, your height). I have altered all of my closets and my laundry room over 16 years in our house and every time I use the hanger/reach theory. Put those things that you hang in your laundry room most often (in my case it's shirts and jeans) on a hanger and reach up and see how high makes sense for you, considering your washer/dryer heights, counter top and other cabinets. Inches don't mean that much in hanging rods. Make it work for you and your room.

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I am asking so I can determine the height at which to place the cabinets and the height at which I can have my washing machine. My cabinets are built, I can't change them other than raising them a few inches and I'm trying to add pedestals under my machines as well, but raising the cabinets a few inches will shrink my hanging room.

I really just want to know what the standard height is that's typical for clothing other than long dresses. I will hang every type of clothing except for towels, sheets, undies/socks and jeans as most of our stuff gets hung.

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The answer depends on exactly what type clothing you plan to hang. I just now measured the rods in our clothes closet. The one for my DH's sports shirts is 43 1/2" up from the floor, dead center of the hanging rod. The rod for his slacks is not that high off the floor. The one for my sport shirts is 36" from top of pole to shelf under them. Hope this helps.

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And the answer depends on how tall you are.... My husband at 6'7" has super long dress shirts, jeans etc. The best thing to do is to measure your own clothing and then make a decision. Remember that you'll need to easily reach the hanger yourself to get the clothes up and down.

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I did measure my clothing and based on my height is how I got the 38" above my machines. I want to put the machines on platforms now though and can't move my cabinets up enough to give me the 38" room else I won't be able to reach it and my other cabinets will then also be too high as everything needs to be raised as one. This is why I am wondering if others survive with less than 38" hanging space.

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I'm still confused by your hanging problem. If you put your machines on platforms, you will add 15 to 16 inches to their heights. There are only 31 inches from the top of my cabinet to the top of my machines (on platforms). That would not be enough room to hang most adult things. If you estimated 38 inches above your machines without platforms, you will only have 23 inches of space when they are on platforms. I wouldn't be happy with it and would probably explore other hanging options.

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We would build the platforms 8" high. The upper cabinets are not yet hung and can be raised. If I raise the rod/cabinets above rod 8" then the cabinets to the left above the countertop/sink also have to raise 8" which now means my cabinets with doors where I need to reach often will be 8" higher which is way too high. The cabinet maker suggested raising everything 4", but that now give me only 34" hanging space and still raises my cabinets with doors 4".

Maybe this picture will help (lower cabinets/counter/sink already in place):

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I have to tell you it all looks good on paper, but I would not raise my cabinets higher. Like I said, mine are 31" from the top and I'm having them removed as soon as I replace my W/D because I'm 5'4" and cannot reach a doggone thing above the first shelf. Why would you raise your W/D only 4"? If it's possible, at this point and really important to you, consider eliminating the cabinets above the washer and dryer; raise the machines onto a platform (something I highly recommend), but unless you're really short, 7" doesn't make enough difference. you'll still be crawling up to your bum into the dry to get things out. Then you can put your rod where it make sense for you. You can always put a shelf across the top for display if you feel it needs to be filled in.
Are your machines purchased? Do they fit flush with your countertop? Mine "measure" one thing, but sit about 5 inches from the back wall for venting an and water flow, etc., and kind of bulb out in the front. That really limits your ability to reach up and over the machines.
I hop some of my input helps you -- I wish you luck.

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We would raise the machines 8". The cabinet guy said to account for that we could raise the cabinets 4". Raising them 8" would render them useless on both sides. But even 4" would be fairly high on the left since they are already 25" from the top of the countertop (they are 17" deep I believe which is why they are raised higher and to give me working space above sink and counter). And raising them 4" means I will have 4" less hanging space (if 8" platform). I am the same height as you.

The machines are purchased. They do stick out in front of the countertop and are taller than the countertop by 2" (the taller is shown in the drawing).

The cabinets are made. They are custom and match the lower cabinet that the builder had in the house and matches the kitchen/bathrooms, etc. So, not using them would be throwing out a bunch of money as the uppers (both left cabinets and rod/cabinets above) cost me $1800. I also don't have anywhere else to put the rod. The laundry room is only 68" deep so I can't put the rod/upper cabinet on the opposite wall.

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