washer vs dryer prices

jeffrowAugust 27, 2011

Why on earth is the price of a matching dryer equal to or sometimes more than the price of the washer? The washer is a far more complicated piece of equipment and has a far higher parts count.

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I've yet to figure this one out.
Dryers used to be way cheaper, now all of a sudden they're almost as much, equal to or more than the washer and like you said, a dryer is so way more simpler.
I think that's why they added more junk (like steam or multiple sensors) to jack up the asking price.

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I wondered the same thing when we bought our washer and dryer in April. The dryer (non steam, just a regular old sensor dryer) was as much as the washer. And the washer has way more parts and features (steam, direct drive, etc).

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I've heard pricing explained such that washers are somewhat underpriced against manufacturing cost, or maybe it's that they have less of a margin, and dryers make up for the difference being that majority of consumers buy a matching set nowadays.

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Because it can be. Duh! LOL! While people persist in buying matching "sets", the opportunity for additional profit will always be there in overpricing a dryer. If you gave up the ridiculous notion of "matching" and just bought the least expensive dryer that had the capacity that you needed, the manufacturers might stop the price gouging.

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