A big Shout-out to energy rater la

SnidelyWhiplashDecember 18, 2012

Energy rater la has repeatedly suggested that heating and cooling dollars are wasted because of gaps and leakage in supply outlets. She has posted this photo to demonstrate how to fix one aspect of the problem using Hardcast #1402 mastic tape.

My single story house has a gas furnace and an unconditioned crawlspace. Out of curiosity, I decided to lift a few supply registers to see the ductwork. I was shocked to find that every outlet had huge gaps between the sheet metal and the edges (some up to 1/2 inch), through which flowed a very steady stream of cold air up from the crawlspace. I got a roll of the Hardcast tape (about $27 from Ferguson) and have followed energy's advice.

Energy, thank you for an awesome and easily followed suggestion.

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wow! nice post!

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thanks Snidley.
amazing how easy a picture
explains what is difficult to

glad that you've found use of my
I've used this method since..2002
with great results.
it was discovered by a homeowner
who didn't want to go into his
attic to seal from there.
the 130+ temp was a deterrent..imagine
gotta hand it to determined cajuns.

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My impression is that energy_rater's "textbook" information is tempered (yea, heated and pounded) with lots of hands-on experience in making modifications to homes. That kind of advice is valuable. I've dealt with home efficiency experts that wave their hands and, for example, tell you to seal that up, but can't really give you any details or alternative methods for doing it or tell you who to hire to do it. Existing homes often can not be fixed by following a cookbook approach.

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In fact, heated and pounded would be "forged", but I am sure you get my point. I really appreciate energy_rater's advice here.

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Energy has the best information when it comes to overall efficiency and home sealing information and techniques. I had an incredible guy do my audit and who was very informative so I learned a lot from him also. I have considered getting a thermal imaging camera and working into a part time second job and eventually get a blower door and other goodies. I really enjoy this topic for some reason.

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