Need quick opinions on upper cabinet layout please!

silvercanadianAugust 2, 2011

After using my new laundry room for just over a month, I have realized that I might want my husband to build me 8" or so platforms for the washer/dryer. My upper cabinets are not yet in the laundry room and the current design has the hanging space over the washer/dryer. The hanging space would need to be moved above the lower cabinet and sink if I was going to put in a platform.

I still might be able to have the cabinet maker swap the upper cabinets if I made a decision VERY quickly (as in today!).

Can anyone please provide an opinion on the upper cabinet layout and whether I should just stick with the current plan? (which would mean no platform) It is a possibility that I am annoyed with the washing machine height due to my dryer not being here yet so I currently have a drying rack jammed into the corner and am reaching into the washer for a couple items at a time, so it's many trips bending into the washing machine. And I'm pregnant right now which isn't making it any easier. LOL

The laundry room is only 68" deep so there's not a ton of room behind me once the large machines are in place.

Current proposed upper cabinet layout:

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I have a similar layout as yours.. if I were you I would completely switch both sets of cabinets.. the ones that are over the washer dryer, put over the sink/counter area, the ones that are over the sink/counter put over the washer and dryer. You will have a wider hanging area and still have plenty of room for 8" of platform under your washer/dryer.

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Thanks for the input. I'll have to see if he can still do it, yesterday may have been my last chance.

So, you have your hanging space over the sink? Any drawbacks? The reason I put it over the machines originally is because I was thinking of things slipping off hangers into a sink of water/soap where something is soaking. Or trying to use the sink and having a bunch of clothing hanging in my face. LOL

Or that it would make my counter space less useful if I had clothing hanging above it. I'm not tall so I am not likely to use the top of the machines for folding once they are raised 8" unless I have DH extend the platform out in front of the machines so I can step up onto it to fold.

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Well, no pedestals for me. The cabinets are already complete. They may be able to swap the hanging bar to the left and cabinets to the right, but the hanging space is wider than the cabinets so if they swap them, the hanging space will extend 4" over the washer and the tall cabinets will start then instead of starting directly over the washer/dryer area which may end up looking like the cabinet guys didn't know what they were doing.

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Just talked to the owner of the cabinet place. He said that the side are different sizes so would look offset which I think will drive me crazy and also doesn't look great for him. LOL

He did say that we could raise the cabinets to accomodate pedestals, although I'm not sure if that would work. Right now, it's designed to be 38" from rod to top of washer/dryer. If I bought the Elextrolux pedestals (buying is easier than making), they are 15" and he's only thinking of raising the cabinets 4" or so, so I'd lose a bunch of height for hanging. If we build 8" ones, I will still lose some hanging height.

And I had forgotten to consider a countertop on top of the washer/dryer which I would like. Our countertop with the sink is 2" thick, so I am either looking at adding 10" overall to the washer/dryer (8" platform + 2" countertop) or maybe I could reduce the platform to 6" and add 8" overall.

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