Miele W4840 & T9820 (gas)

funnysunnyAugust 20, 2012

Anyone have the Miele washer (W4840) and dryer (T9820 gas)? If so, how do you like them? Would you recommend them to someone? Because I have the chance to buy both from a local store for a good price. The w&d were used both by the store as a demo for about a year+, but look in overall great condition. We've never owned a Miele w&d, but they seem to get good reviews.

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I'm very happy with my W4840 (I don't have a Miele dryer). But it did need an updated door gasket and hinge, under warranty, to fix a minor leak problem. Another W4840 owner on this forum had the door latch replaced under warranty; my machine came with the updated latch. So you might want to make sure those items are up-to-date, and/or make sure the machine is covered by the warranty.

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thanks. i'll be sure to watch out for the gasket and hinge. the washer is still under warranty, so i should be ok.

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Buy them! Miele has stopped making these super large capacity machines because of the cost (they were loosing money on each pair they made.)

The gas dryer is said to be fantastic. I know the washer is because we bought my daughter a pair of Mieles for her new house three or four months ago and she wanted the big 4840 washer. She got the 9800 series electric dryer because she has no gas available in her area. Only propane and that can cost far more than electricity when running a dryer.

We've had Miele's since that same kid was a baby and Miele's were first being brought into the US. We're on our third or forth set in 25 years and love 'em!. The other earlier Washer/Dryers pairs were sold with the various houses when we sold them. They were considered quite rare and quite exotic 20 years ago - and even back then they cost about $4000 for a pair of them! By including them, they could be used to close a deal on a house easily enough. Sometimes justifying a top-of-the-market price in the bargain! (grin)

We now also have Miele ovens, microwave, induction cooktop, vent hood and refrigerator and freezer, a Miele wine cooler, plus the washer and dryer and a rotary iron from Miele, too. Oh just about forgot - we have two dishwashers in the kitchen and one in the family room. All three are Miele's. (We redid this house when we moved in and finally I could get all the Miele appliances I'd wanted for a long time but couldn't afford. Retirement does have a few advantages!) They are great appliances. Made to last 20 years and most of them do that or even better! Not cheap, but then neither is a Mercedes or BMW. Some things are truly worth their lofty prices. Not many I'll grant you. But there are those rare few exceptions to the rule...

You get what ou pay for, generally. Appliances are no exception. If you like carefree well engineered appliances with no major problems and a long life expectancy, coupled with the best possible energy ratings, then go for a Miele. You cannot go wrong.


PS: If you don't buy them send me an email with the dealer's name and contact details. I might buy them myself and sell the smaller ones we've had for a few years now. Especially if you can get them far below list pricing!! Never could resist a bargain. But only if you decide NOT to buy them of course...

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we bought them!

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Keep in mind that the internal heater is disabled on the washer's Normal cycle. It's believed that this was done to improve the energy test score. For whatever reason, the result is that Normal cycle is crippled. The workaround is to use the Custom cycle instead.

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Or... place some masking tape over the word "Normal" and write-in "Eco". Once you do that, the normal cycle is no longer crippled because it will behave more as expected. Voila! :)

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@sshrivastava - LOL! So true.

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Thanks. Custom it is. Time for some tape.

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I have the W4842 and T9822 (gas). I love them. I was sadened to hear Miele was discontinuing them (but glad I had my pair already). I'm still amazed at how clean some things come out and they handle delicates beautifully. I've never had any issues with my gas dryer - things seem to come out perfect. I like that it does not over dry things (they come out slightly damp which is so much better for fabric). You can choose extra dry if you want them completely dry.

I also have a Miele rotary iron, 2 Miele vacuums and a Miele DW. Can't say enough good things about them all. Love, love, love my vacuums (upright S7 and canister S5).

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