Is this a programmable thermostat?

SnailLoverDecember 22, 2013

I'm thinking not, but then what is the "set" for, and how do you set anything other than adjusting the temp?

I tried to find a manual online but the Honeywell site asks for a model number on the back. I can't figure out how to remove it without breaking something. I had a newer model in my other house so I know how to program those. This one is throwing me. Any suggestions?

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Not programable. In the pic the arrow is pointing to "room" which is the temp in the room. Were you to press either up/down button once,the arrow would shift to point to "set" which is the temp the stat is set to maintain. If you press two or more times,the "set" will change 1* for each press. Press once then hold button down to rapidly raise/lower several degrees. Press once only or after last press , the arrow will go back to "room" in a few secounds.

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Thank you! Makes perfect sense now.

Is it an easy DIY project to replace the thermostat to a programmable one? Or would I need to call a heating person or electrician?

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Piece of cake. Turn the breakers off that supply the system,there are normaly 2,one for indoor unit and another for outdoor unit. Just read the instructions before picking up a screwdriver and label each wire as you disconnect it.

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Two programmable room t-stats I like, do a search for each one: LUXPRO PSP511LCa & ACE ATX 1500 both low cost & have the very important 1 to 9 Temp-Swing setting so you can adjust runtimes; the off-time will be determined by how well weatherized your home is, along with outdoor conditions.

Each cycle, you want the burner running 13-minutes or longer.

Keep track of the runtime & ON-time to the next On-time (one complete cycle): divide the complete-cycle-time in minutes into the burner runtime in minutes; then multiple that fraction by the Btu/hr OUTPUT of the furnace.

Always do load-calcs so you know whether there are duct leaks or other problems causing a poor performing system.

Print results; because U can't save it; unless you use the 'Sniping Tool' to capture an image of the completed calc. - which you can even upload to this forum thread

Here is a link that might be useful: Free Whole house load-calc

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What kind of heat do you have and how is it fueled? These details may affect recommendations for what t-stat will work well for you and how it is used.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I was afraid to try it myself, but I've been watching videos and I think I can handle it. I have natural gas heat.

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