Any remedy for cold air from attic ducts

dwpcDecember 28, 2012

Our air ducting in the attic is insulated but when the heat turns on we get a blast of cold standing air out of the registers for several seconds until the warm air from the furnace finally makes it to the register. In the long duct runs, the air at the register barely gets warm before the 'stat shuts the fan off. Is there any cost-effective way to remedy this?

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More insulation. Blow in some fiberglass or cellulose over the whole attic area, covering the ducts. You'll be more comfortable and your energy bills will go down.

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Green - of course in humid areas (or at least my area), you don't want to blow insulation over ducts because of the concern of condensation in the summer.

The insulation will help a little bit but won't fix the problem. A variable speed air handler will help some - it runs the fan very slowly for the first few minutes to flush that cold air out. Also, a staged furnace would lengthen the run time or a smaller (ie not oversized) furnace or both.

All of these things are something to consider when you get a new furnace/air handler. They are probably too expensive to do just for the problem you are having.

So blow some insulation as long as you don't a/c in a humid area....

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