Cover 2nd Floor Ceiling Height Air Returns In Heating Season??

jaysgardenDecember 19, 2011

Two floor house with an unfinished basement.

Have a Goodman-single stage - natural gas - forced air - 100K BTU furnace.

Air returns on 1st floor are at floor level. I have five(5) 16" v 10" ones.

The air returns in the four 2nd floor bedrooms are near the ceiling. I know this helps in the cooling season but in the heating season should I cover the air returns on 2nd floor?

A buddy told me to cover the 2nd floor ones, take temperature reading of supply air as furnace is burning, then uncover the 2nd floor returns and take another supply air temperature reading. Compare the two and if similar, the furnace has enough return air with 2nd floor vents covered.

Any thoughts

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Do not take HVAC advice from that friend.

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Why is that if you care to elaborate.

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Covering vents is a bad idea with regard to air flow and noise and overheating your furnace.

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