Auto shut off for front-loading high efficiency machine?

mweyandtAugust 18, 2014

I was looking on Amazon today for auto shut off valves, and saw several negative reviews and complaints about the Watts 1/2 brand not working well with front-loading, high efficiency machines. The shut off would misunderstand the last cycle and deny access to the machine for water.

Anyone have a recommendation for a better product or a workaround?

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I happen to know four people who've had flood disasters caused by toilet tank fill hoses. No one I know has mentioned a disaster caused by washing machine hoses, for what it's worth. Informed by that sampling, I got a whole-house leak detection system installed. It works based on flow volume and time, with separate settings for "home" and "away". With my settings, when the unit is in home mode, it'll shut off the water after 35 minutes of flow at a fast drip or more. That is, 35 minutes of a fast drip, or 35 minutes of an open pipe, or anywhere in between. In away mode, it's similar, but the threshold is 3 minutes. So I could suffer some damage, but hopefully not of the "water pouring out of basement windows" variety that I've heard about. And this covers all the pipes and fixtures and appliances in the house, not just the clothes washer.

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