Dimensions of new laundry closet

LARemodelAugust 8, 2014

Every time I purchase a new w/d it's larger than the previous set. I'm moving my laundry from main level to 2nd floor with access from the hallway. I want to plan for expansion.

The current space for the w/d is a closet, 76" w by 31" d. I have LG f/l and dryer that are about six years old, 27" x 27" and just barely fit, depth-wise.

I want to make the new laundry closet large enough to accommodate purchase of a new w/d set in next few years. I checked the dimensions of two brands: Electrolux and Maytag Maxima. These are 27" wide. But depth is 33" on one and 34" on the other.

What do you think would be a reasonable size laundry closet to plan for w/d sets? I'm planning depth of about 40". Will that be enough?

Current set has the washer on left and dryer on the right. Is this standard?

Maximum width I have available is about 6'10". If I allow 5' for the w/d, it leaves 22" width space for a small sink, broom closet, or stacked baskets of laundry. Which do you think would be most useful? There is a hall bathroom about 8' away from the laundry area - so can access a sink there.

I plan to put a counter over the w/d (no drawers below w/d) and cabinets above that. Space will be water-proofed and enclosed with louvered doors.

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If you go to the Electrolux web site and download the installation manuals, they have excellent diagrams for clearance and closet installation. But be advised that with most venting arrangements, you won't actually be able to get the zero clearance on the back of the dryer. We used a GE venting kit, which has a reasonably quick turn elbow, but no way it could achieve zero clearance. The net result is about 5" clearance between the back of the machines and the wall, with water hoses running behind the vent hose. The water connections are recessed into the wall behind the machines.

Front to wall total is about 35-36 inches; it's difficult to measure exactly because the door bowls out. Forty inches should be fine. Keep in mind Electrolux recommends at least an inch between any closet door and the front of the machines. I don't know whether the louvers on the closet door affect the thickness of the door.

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