REVIEW: My 13 year old Asko died: bought Miele

kaismomAugust 4, 2013

My beloved Asko died. I could not get a standard 27 inch machine. The space was not deep enough. Only 28 inches deep. The salesman talked me out of getting the Electrolux which was the only machine with the proper door configuration. He said that the machines would stick out into the room by many inches and the space is already too tight.

The Miele capacity is noteceably larger. 2.0 c ft vs 2.5 c ft. I have lived with the euro machine for so long that any increase in the capacity is a plus. I had a capacity envy for years. When standard American machines started to add internal water heaters, I thought I could get a huge washing machine with the features that I wanted. Alas. It's not meant to be.

Anyrate, so far the Miele washer is much quieter, it seems to be gentler on clothes. The quietness is expected when I am comparing the new machine with an old machine with old worn out bearings, motors etc.

120v vs 240v does not seem to make that much difference in the wash time. They both take about 1 hour plus a few min to finish.

Miele heats temp to 70C.
Asko heated to 95C. Not is sure if I will miss the higher temp.

The programs seem to be pretty self explanatory.

I was used to the control where you actually pick the exact temp. Miele says cold, warm etc. however, if you look at the manual, there is a specified temp that the setting corresponds to.

I like the idea of the dryer settings that stop when the clothes are still damp enough to iron. I am going to see if I use it or not.

So far so good.

Like all Miele products, there is a feel of luxury about their stuff. Not sure what it is but they build luxury into their stuff.

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Same thing happened to me. I love the new one so much more.

So amazing you find it self-explanatory. I couldn't figure out which cycle to use for what -- it's taken several months and a lot of help from buffalotina who has been incredibly generous with her time and insights.

Much luck with yours.

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Great news. My set is still sitting in the warehouse waiting for my bathroom to finish to a point for installation. I am so excited to hear of other's appreciation of their Miele set.

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There is always a bit of water trapped in the rubber seal of the gasket. I can't imagine that it would not get gross over time.

The old Asko did not have any place where water could collect. This seems like a bit of design problem. It really seems like an oversight...

Do you clean out the trapped water?

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If it looks like a lot of water I use a microfiber towel to wick it up. I also wipe out the gasket from time to time. Never found gunk -- there are drain outlets. I had a similar gasket on my Bosch pair and there was no issue with that.

For good measure I always leave the door ajar and the detergent drawer open until it dries.

There is a once-a-month maintenance routine for the machine & the dryer as you likely noted.

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