Fisher Paykel Dryer has low heat

RobertG12August 30, 2014

I have a Fisher Paykel top loading dryer (DEGX1) and I recently replaced both heating elements because one broke. The dryer seemed to work fine for about a month but now is not heating fully and takes a long time to dry. It's as if one of the elements is not heating up but I've double checked everything and can't find the problem. Any ideas on what could be the issue or how to troubleshoot further?


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Possible airflow obstruction somewhere.

I disassembled mine early this year for investigation of a recurring Airflow Fault whenever high temp was used (beeping with Auto Sensing flashing during operation -- Fault 16 in Diagnostics). Had been getting around it for some while by running only on Delicate (low heat) or Perm Press (med heat). Both run only one of the two elements as opposed to high temp (Regular and Denim) which runs both elements.

My exhaust ducting is very short and confirmed clear so I was sure there was a clog somewhere in the dryer. I found the expected lint clog below the filter ring in the airflow outlet housing on left side of the drum. Required complete disassembly of the dryer to remove the outlet housing, which mounts to the left side-panel.

I also found (unexpectedly) that one of the elements was broken. I am not understanding why the airflow fault was occurring since it logically would trigger via overheating of the elements which shouldn't occur if only 2/3 of the heating capacity is running. The bad element apparently was not shorting to ground as that would keep it energized continuously and there was no observation of that occurring.

Anyway, got the clog cleared and element replaced, it's running good as new.

Regards to the lint clogging ... check your filter ring for tears, which allows significant lint to pass through to the exhaust. ... and the lint scraper piece for excess wear. I had replaced my filter once before and it had a few tears again, so 2nd replacement was done. The replacement now appears to be of stronger mesh material than previously.

The picture below shows the outlet housing removed from the side panel. It mounts turned facing the other way against the panel and at a slight angle as evidenced by part of the clog stuck on the panel.

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