fisher paykel dryer making sounds

rambafundAugust 9, 2011

I have owned a Fisher & Paykel top loading Intuitive dryer for about 5 years. I love it. A few months ago it started to make a high pitched squeaky sound when drying. Today it is making a very loud groaning sound when drying. The groan gets much quieter if I take out half of the laundry. When I pause the laundry, the loud groan lasts several seconds as the dryer gets ready for me to open it. Does anyone know what is causing these sounds? Is it something that I can possible fix? If I need a technician to come out, what is the best way to find one who is familiar with the fisher paykel brand? Thank you.

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Wear points are 1) the belt idler pulleys; 2) the main drum bearing at right center; 3) the left-side drum support bearings (ceramic bushings) on the air duct assembly. Less likely, the motor bearings. Being as load size (weight) has an effect, probably #2 and/or #3.

The main drum bearing can be replaced from inside without otherwise disassembling the machine. The other items require disassembly, which is different than other dryers and requires working space in front of the machine. The top deck raises up, the front panel comes off, remove the inner door closer mechanism and a few other wires, then the entire inner chassis tilts forward and out of the outer cabinet.

Whether you can do the repair(s) yourself depends on your mechanical ability. Parts are available via, (not related to F&P parent company), or possibly direct from F&P. I can send a service manual, but you don't have e-mail contact on your GardenWeb profile.

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