Is there a Holy Grail SS sink for me?

cucinamiaJanuary 14, 2014

Dear GWers -
I have searched every SS sink posting here and all the links provided . . . and I still haven't found what I'm looking for . . .

-Single SS bowl, undermount
-Brushed finish (will be in front of a window that faces east so I am wondering about bright reflections, but that's my only SS worry. I love everything else, the patina, etc. It's just the right material for us.)
-16 gauge (or super quality 18)
-Up to a 33" width (cabinet is slated to be 36")
-well draining - I've seen too many posts about chasing food particles around with the sprayer
-abililty to slide a cutting board on (but not zero radius that seems too hard to clean - is that incompatible?)

So far so good - maaaannnny sink choices out there but then:
-Ideally 8" or less in depth (I'm really convinced by this)
-off-set drain - ideally to the LEFT (this seems to be the deal breaker)

My DW will be to the right of my sink with the eat-in kitchen beyond that. I really want to have my trash pull-out under the the 36" sink base (as you so cleverly have taught me!) but on the right so folks don't walk behind me (or push me away from the sink, just to throw something or scrape & load DW). To do that well, it seems that I'd want the disposal on the left, yet I don't see any sinks that have the drain off-set to the left. Am I missing something? Can I achieve the pull-out just as well with a rear drain? (I will have a little extra depth here - sink is in front of a deep window - if that somehow helps.)

BTW, your raves about Silgranit led me to check it out (since I trust GW with every decision about my kitchen) and I'm sure I would love it, but the depth and off-set to the right seem not to work. SS seems to have many more options, plus I like it - I just can't find the whole package.

The closest I've seen is the Proflo PFUC308 which is 8" deep, but only 18 gauge and rear drain . . . plus it's only 30" which seems to squander my opportunity to go wider. Anyone hear of/have this one? Or one ADA sink which was 5.5 inches - seems too shallow.

I know that I can get a sink custom made for me - and I will investigate - but it kills me to spend that kind of money if there's another answer that I haven't considered.

So chime in! Correct me! Challenge me! Help me find my sink!! (And please tell me that every decision will not cause this level of agony!)

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I couldn't find one that shallow when I looked a couple months ago.

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This one is 9" deep, drain on the left, available in 16 gauge. Not everyone is keen on this company, but I'm happy with my sink from them so far (4 months of use).

Here is a link that might be useful: MR Direct

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Elkay might suit. If my search doesn't come through, you can click through the parameters.

Here is a link that might be useful: elkay

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

abililty to slide a cutting board on (but not zero radius that seems too hard to clean - is that incompatible?)

You can have a custom cutting board made for any undermount sink, as long as there is enough of a reveal (ledge) to accommodate the board.

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Gaucho - what did you settle on?

Annkh - Thanks for a personal recommendation - hadn't seen that one yet.

Chester - Elkays are very nice, and shallower, but I'd be giving up width and drain location . . . I'm still holding out.

Thanks MamaG - the reveal, of course! I'd been convincing myself that it had to have that internal ledge.

Trebruchet - Interesting! That ZS-300 comes closest - if they could put that drain in the back. But it does convince me that plenty of small, even local, fabricators are out there . . . so I don't have to settle!

More ideas welcome. Thanks as always to this amazing group!

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Have you looked at the Franke Orca? Other than being 18 gauge, it could be the one! Yes, it's 10 in deep...BUT you can get grids to set inside on the built in ledge that make it a few inches shallower. I use the right side grid all the time, both to set things on to dry or to have at a higher working height (it's fantastic for setting up a bowl of wash water for small items) and also to slide a pan under to soak and not be in the way. There's no reason you couldn't just use both grids, and still have the option for more depth when desired. Plus you can buy a cutting board ready made. I LOVE this sink.

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Meant to answer you in detail, but posted by mistake on the other sink thread by aloha. Here is one sink that is 16 Gauge, SS, left rear drain with rounded bottom instead of zero radius. It might work for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: left rear drain 16 gauge ss sink

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smiling - thanks! and I replied with gratitude over there too! :-) Love it - and don't know how I missed it (or how I'll afford it, but there's always a way.)

williamsem - I'm off to give it another consideration based on your rec. Always nice to hear from someone who LOVES something.

And I'm off to learn more about grids, which I've never had (always had a nice 8" deep SS sink). Grazie!

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