LG washer/dryer - are they recommended?

ksb1August 4, 2007

I need a washer and dryer for a tight space. I think I've narrowed it down to LG as it's got a smaller footprint than most of the others (I have to stack them) yet it's still large capacity. DH is home this weekend so this is my chance to order it!

Before I take the plunge, does anyone have LG? How do you like it?

Which model? LG Tromm looks interesting...


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I have a LG washer and dryer. I like the dryer but washing machine smells like mildew and I have even found mildew on the drum. After not even one year of use it started leaking...The worst of all the LG customer service is terrible!!! It took 6 weeks for a service guy to come and he had no clue what to do. Calling LG was even worse....
I will never buy anything LG even if they give away they stuff for almost free.. By the way read on Appliances board about any LG product...

good luck

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Dont dont touch LG. I had the washer dryer combo for almost 3 years. The service is terrible. Getting people to fix it is next to impossible and contacting LG is even worse. I now have no machine and even though that is a hassle it is still by far easier than what I went through. I had a long forum going on this site called LG service nightmare. I was told as far as a front loader goes go with the regular Whirlpool Duet Not the sport or any of the Frigidaire front loaders are good. I still don't know what I am going to do but it definatly won't be LG.
Best Of Luck

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I had the LG Tromm Steamwasher and the dryer. Had to return the washer due to excessive vibration. If you are going to stack them, I hope you are not on the 2nd floor. Your floor had better be rock solid. I liked the steamfresh cycle for removing wrinkles but can't say the machine cleaned any better than my old Maytag TL. I didn't have a mildew problem but I did meticulously dry out the drum and seals after use and kept the door open for a while. I kept the dryer and have had no problems with that.

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OH MY!! Thanks for the feedback. Well, I guess it's back to the drawing board :( We have limited space so I thought that would work, but I think we might be able to squeeze in a whirlpool duet set, or something like that. Costco has those, but on their website they are promoting the sport model.

I noticed that, with the door open, they are about the same depth as the LGs.

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I have the LG Steamwasher just over a year now and like it a lot.

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OUr friends bought the LG Tromm about 6 months ago. We are in the midst of choosing appliances and such for our new home, and called to ask them how they are liking their set. They LOVE it. They said their clothes have never been whiter, even with iron water where they live.

I had chosen two sets of the red LG Tromm. Now you're all scaring me. We already chose complimentary cabinetry and a gorgeous french toile print for roman blinds in that room. Shoot. :o(

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14 months with the TROMM SteamWasher and Gas Dryer. No problems here. Excellet machines, and my family loves them. We do take care of them, like run a Bleach Drum cleaning cycle once a month, and also leave the door open. I would assume you would have to do that with any Front Loader, though, with it being water and air tight. (unlike a top loader). They do a great job of cleaning and drying. The steam cyle for unwrinkling clothes works very well, and has saved us several times.

All brands of appliances/cars/machines have a certain number of problems. While I can say that I have not had any problems at all, that is not to say that some in this world have. There are a few here who like to be alarmists, and at least one who likes to write under several different usernames, in order to lend more credibility to his viewpoint. You should do your own homework on your purchase, don't let anyone's brand loyalty here dissuade or persuade you. Anonymous forums have their own kind of pitfalls. Also, people with bad experiences tend to be much more vocal than those with good. Good luck to you.

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I've researched reviews of the LG Tromm machines in several forums. I consistently hear that service is bad but I'm of the opinion that that's almost an industry standard these days. Also, most of the complaints I hear are in contrast to the more common praises of LG. I think you just want to make sure you have the machines properly installed/leveled/connected and hope you don't get one of those occasional lemons that all manufacturers produce.

Google "LG washers reviews" and you'll find lots of helpful reviews.

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Unlike our anti-LG forum member I have experience with the Duet Sport HT and have been very happy with it. Good feature set, excellent performance, slightly smaller size for tight spaces and good price. It has the 6 point suspension which helps the vibration problems.

The Costco deal may not be the best you can do - be sure and shop around to get the best machine at the best price.

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sr712 hit it right on the head. All brands have their problems. If one of the users here was paid for every slur he has made against LG, he would be a millionaire! If you look on this site, you will be afraid to buy ALL brands because there have been issues with all of them.
I have the WM2487 and I am extremely happy w/the set! My brother-in-law has the Duets and he is extremely happy, another buddy has the same set as me and he is estatic. My point and I think sr712 made it; do your research on what you like and purchase accordingly.
I would hate to see some of the folks that have had a bad experience w/BMW or Lexus (just an example)....does that mean that ALL BMW's or Lexus are crap??!!
The same principle applies.

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I just purchased the LG Tromm washer and dryer. I was very confused reading all the pros and cons on this forum. I decided to go for it and have not been sorry. I very happy with my choice. I do not have the vibration problems that others claim. I keep my washer door open after use to dry out, no mold or musty smell problems. I did contact their customer service to answer a few questions I had before purchasing and had no problems finding my answers. Good Luck!

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I would agree, purchased the LG Steam Washer and Gas Dryer in May and have been very happy with them. I think more people will take the time to tell you about problems or bad service than will make the effort to tell you about positive experiences.

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I have had two sets of LG Tromm washers and dryers. The first set I had stacked and used for a year with absolutely no problems whatsoever with mildew and vibration. We sold that home and had to leave the set as part of the deal. I purchased another set of LG Tromms for our new home, not stacked this time. I have been using this set for just over a year. Again, absolutely NO problems with mildew, leaks, or vibration. I take care to leave the door open and run a hot water empty tub wash with plenty of bleach every couple of months.

My entire home is furnished with LG. Fridge, range, microwave, dishwasher and washer/dryer. I have had a problem with the icemaker in my fridge and most recently with my dishwasher while under warranty. A repair technician came to my home within 3 days and fixed the problem--no hassles at all. In fact, when the dishwasher was fixed I mentioned to the repairman that he had been out the year before to fix my icemaker. He opened my freezer and looked at the icemaker and told me that LG had had problems with that icemaker and that he would install me the updated model so that I wouldn't run the risk of another breakdown in the future. I wasn't even having any problems with it and the fridge is now out of warranty. I know a lot of people have complaints with LG service, I have had two very good experiences with them.

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oh come on!

Yes, most any hardware will have its distinctive quirks and occasional problems, but there are trends and patterns that ought to worry potential buyers.

LG has consistently provided poor service to more than a few customers, and their equipment has the same persistently unresolved problems that trained repair specialists cannot seem to fix. When several trained professionals cannot fix the hardware, it might be their fault, sure, but after a while you have to wonder if the company simply doesn't have any idea how their own hardware works.

I think this is more than the expected random distribution of occasional problems and parts failures we ought to expect: LG seems to make inferior products and has poor customer service.

We have an LG ultracapacity frontloading combined washer/dryer (not separate machines, but the all-in-one unit of the sort common in Europe). It has been in heavy use for less than a year with adequate performance, although it now has a mysterious error message that claims to require servicing. After about six months of regular use, it leaves clothes smelling vaguely musty, a problem we've encountered with an earlier combo unit made by Equator.

I suspect the problem is the same in the LG: insufficient shielding around the bin and heating coils means that damp lint eventually accumulates around the bin and makes everything stink. For my equator (which was past warranty) I eventually took the thing apart and cleaned it myself, but as the LG is still under warranty I'll hold off doing the same with my new unit.

I'd love to share this analysis with someone who knows what they're doing at LG, if only I could get through to a real person.

Basically, I think this probably goes beyond LG (however poor they are as a company): these complex technologies are simply too fragile for the sorts of loads many people put them under. As much as I hate to admit it, the less energy efficient but much more reliable older styles of washer and dryer are probably the better bet for the long term, regardless of the promise of saving money and the environment by purchasing a sexy, ultra-efficient, low water, condensing dryer Euro-combo unit.

But I also am thinking that LG is simply a middling company that cannot produce reliable heavy home equipment to the same standards as, say, Maytag.

To be sure, these internet boards suffer mightily from what the statisticians call 'selection bias': people who take the time to find these groups and vent generally have an axe to grind, and so the sample tends to be unrepresentative.

On the other hand, if more than a handful of (admittedly self-selecting) customers arrive with the same axe to grind, that ought to set off warning bells for potential buyers.

My advice: avoid LG (especially the condensing dryer technology, no matter how flashy and sexy their equipment looks. They simply cannot provide the reliability or customer support that more established and reliable companies in the washer-dryer business can provide.

More generally, after three purchases over a decade from two companies, I'd sadly recommend avoiding the combined euro-style condensing dryer units unless you are a childless condo dweller in London or Tokyo and don't do much laundry. In general these technologies simply cannot handle the sustained heavy long-term use that even a modest-sized family puts them through.

Here is a link that might be useful: disembodied heretic

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Miele is the only washer and dryer to get. The rest are for peasants.

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Deke you are joking right?

Miele makes good products. I have them in my home, Washer, Dryer, DW, Vacuum, but even they(the company) realize they don't always get it right. That's why they use that slogan....that translates to "forever better" which acknowledges that even they know they can always improve. Lets hope they continue to follow that path.

So while I agree they make good products, and I am very happy with mine...not everyone can buy them...and many don't want them...so we have options and choices.

Given the problems with LG appliances/service detailed on this forum, right now I would stay away from them...others can make their own decisions.

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I'm sorry - I was indeed joking. Email never works with my sense of humor! I was intending it as a little satire on some of the Miele inspired snobbery you see here now and again (though not from all people). I'm a new Miele owner too, but I want to break the mold. Picture a hard working iron ore miner coming home to his Miele washer and dryer. He takes pride in his uniform and his washer must work as hard as he does every day in the mines... Well that's not me either, but why not!



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Again, I would stay away from LG. It's true that people that don't have problems with them like them. But if you need service it is a nightmare. In my service area in New York their are few that do service and the ones that do are unreliable. Yes they do look real nice in the stores and the sales people push them but remember once you drive them out you are stuck with them. If you don't have a problem it's great. If you do you are screwed. I sold my combo unit almost 4 months ago and currently using public laundry and as much as I don;t like it, it's by far less stressful than what I went through for almost 3 years with placing service calls and getting no where. I would like to buy another combo but so many service people do not fix them because they are foreign. So I will probably buy a washer and live without the dryer. It's ashame Frigidaire or Whirlpool don't make combo units.

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Aw now why did you go and ruin you post with that last statement "that's not me either" I had the vision...You walking up the hill to your home...tired and crusty from a hard days work slamming your lunch box on the table...throwing your uniform through the washer door and yelling.. NOW.. GETR CLEAN.

OK you come home wearing a suit, slacks OR shorts..that's ok too :) and we all need to keep a sense of humor lest we begin taking ourselves too seriously.

What appliance/models do you have?

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Okay jerrod6, who am I to ruin the image! :-) I am a miner! Yes, I do come home and say exactly those words. My filthy clothes come out spotless and all the other miners are amazed at how fresh I look each day when the morning whistle blows! Meanwhile my wife is working on her country singing career and will soon hit the big time! I have a Miele 1215 washer and 1415 dryer - each about a month old.

To be on topic, we did look at LG some time ago and I had a chance to see a machine actually running in the store! Why don't they do that more? It seemed very quiet and they really look nice. From what I understand LG is Korean and the company is or was the same as the old Goldstar. I think the days of the old cheapy made in Korea thing is over. They have really progressed and build almost everything you could imaging include giant container ships. However, I have read enough compliants here too about LG. What do people say about their service? Better than that, if you decide on an LG and have a great dealer who takes care of service for you, then it may make service issues less painful. P.S. I would not consider a big box store a great dealer!

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I have had an LG Tromm washer and dryer for around 18 months. I am very happy with both. Yes, you need to leave the washer door open or you will get mildew in it, but I am not sure that is different than any other front loading washer. My only 'gripe' is that I have a perpetually shedding dog, and the LG dryer does not seem to grab all the loose dog hair on bedspreads etc as did my 20 year old dryer.

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I've had an LG pair for about 2 years, stacked. I can't accurately speak to vibration because I have them on rollers. (Don't start) The pair is rather heavy, say over 200lbs. The washer does fine, but you need to understand that the heater is not high powered (maybe 1000 watts) and will not boil water like some of the 220v Euro washers. I don't have problems with mildew because I keep the door and the drawer open all the time, and do the occasional hot wash of whites with bleach.

(Actually, my old WP TL got some mold once or twice. Fixed it the same way.)

My only (mild) complaint about the dryer is that with a single sensor it does not dry small loads well. That is, they still come out somewhat damp. Solution: extend the time a few minutes. No big deal.

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Can't speak on the washer/dryer combo...I have inclination to steer clear of 'combo' anything. But just purchased LG 7188 dryer (w/all latest bells and whistles) and I'm thrilled. Service, as for anything we purchase that we can't fix ourselves, is a concern...but if you take an up-front view of how often service has been needed on specific appliances...that greatly reduces it as a prominent decision factor.

LG Clothes Dryers just received the 2007 J.D.Power and Assoc. HIGHEST RATING of ALL MAJOR BRAND clothes dryers! We searched for weeks, read hundreds of reviews, and really did our homework - LG hands down for best performance and best value. Also highly rated by all the 'subscription' consumer guides.

Before you listen to any one persons 'service experience' and apply it to the entire Brand...get Pro-Active and see how often service is REQUIRED for your MODEL. Best bet until combos (one machine to do it all!) are perfected, side-by-side and stackable models may well out-perform and require less service. Good Luck!

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lolamina - do you work for LG? You have posted this response in at least 3 topics in this forum. When this happens it starts to look like you have ulterior motives.

Most of the members of this forum are independent thinkers and don't rely too much on often flawed reviews by CR and others. In many cases their tests are vague and/or inadequate. The service data for most of these machines is not adequate to make a long-term forecast. This forum can be a more reliable source for real-world data.

I am not anti-LG. I would have one except the HD installers would not install it in my space and I replaced it with a Duet Sport HT. Very happy with the machines and the money left in my bank account. Bells and whistles don't get the clothes clean but they may impress your friends.

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We have the Whirlpool Duet Sport. No problems with them at all and we really like them. The are compact, hold a ton and work very well.

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I'll add my two cents about LG. My father has owned his own appliance repair business in the same location for 35 years, and has seen many things come and go. He tells all who ask to steer clear of LG in any form. They do not supply even repair companies with schematics or information about their products, and make it impossible for most people in the industry to even get parts. He's had to turn away loyal customers who have already bought them and had them break, because he has no way to fix them.

If you have doubts about this, go ahead and call a couple of locally owned and managed repair companies in your area, and ask them about servicing LG.

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regus_patoff--you're just reinforcing my point. If a local service company wants to repair LG, they can't just drive over to their usual supplier and pick up what they need that day, like they would for a Maytag or GE, because the LG parts won't be there. They'd have to order it over the Internet, or from Sears, and I can almost guarantee Sears isn't keeping most LG parts on hand. So what could otherwise be fixed in a day or less will certainly take much longer, and many people have waited weeks or longer, as you could see if you looked at other posts about LG.

Also, LG has gotten a bad reputation among at least some service people, which is why many do not want to do their warranty work. Also, LG parts are quite a bit pricier than other brands, so buyers can expect bigger repair bills when the time comes.

I'm not saying any of the other brands in perfect, because they've all cut back lately in both quality and service, but LG is nearly double the price of most other brands.

I'd advise anyone considering buying LG to at least call around to their local repair companies and see who, if any, are willing to work on them, or do warranty work, if it's required.

I don't regularly read this forum, so I'm not going to debate about this. Just a word to the wise...

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> Also, LG parts are quite a bit pricier than other brands,
Give me a few examples ...

> LG is nearly double the price of most other brands.
Give me a few more examples...

> I don't regularly read this forum, so I'm not going to debate about this. Just a word to the wise...
> I'd advise anyone considering buying LG to at least call around to their local repair companies and see who, if any, are willing to work on them, or do warranty work, if it's required.

or know how to work on them...some service people are afraid to work on the new electronic stuff..

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DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any pets? In fact do you have any hair period. LG's suck at removing hair of any type. I have only had mine a year and I am tired of having to use lint rollers on every article of clothing that comes out of this pair. The dryer does not even seem to grab the pet hair either. I have tried every possible combination of wash cycles. extra water setting on every load. I have used vinegar and fabric softeners to reduce static. They will not remove pet hair period. I have two cats and a dog this is the first washer I have had this problem with. I am going back to a standard top loader. Oh also if you have a small foot print do not buy these units as you will have to leave the washer door open after to prevent mold. We were also advised not to install them on the second story as they have vibration issues. Dont waste your money!!!!!!!!!!! My neptune cleaned better then this and it was the known as the mold machine. I am officially switching back to a top loader that allows me to select an antiquate water level. It does no good to save energy if you begin to have skin issues because your clothes are not being properly cleaned. There is a class action law suit already in progress for LG washers.


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then your're doing something wrong when washing/drying...

show me link to "lawsuit"...

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I don't think any new top loader will perform like the older ones did. They are also subject to energy star requirements and must use less energy and water than previous models. That 100 to 105 warm water fill has now been turned into a warm wash no hotter than 85 to 90. High water fills using a lot of water that would float pet hair around - it's over.

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Here is a link. There are a variety of other links to the suit, by googling LG class action lawsuit.
I personnaly have a LG TROMM set and have not complaints. Smell is taken care of by leaving the door open/ bleach occasionaly. It is my first FL, so I have no comparison, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG lawsuit

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How could I be doing something wrong. I put the clothes in put the right amount of detergent select a cycle and push start. I have tried cotton, permanent press sanitary baby wear you name it. I have tried putting very few clothes in. Do you have pets? I wish I was doing something wrong that could be fixed after spending what we spent. Has anyone had a computer board that made the washer not agitate correctly? If so let me know asap. I never get any error codes I am at a loss. I bought these units because I wanted to put a counter above for folding and such I am days away from throwing the towel in and I have heard getting service takes weeks. The top loader I was looking at still get adequate water the temperature is another thing. I don't think the government has any business in preventing us from having sanitized clothes to put on especially with things like MRSA becoming more prevalent.


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You may have mentioned this before but what brand of detergent are you using and how much? What type of fabrics are you washing and do you wash them together?

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Have had an LG set for more than 2 yrs now. I also have a long haired cat. I have nothing but rave reviews for my set, but then again I also owned the Neptune set for 7 yrs previous to this one and had no problems with that set except for the mold/smell issue which was solved by keeping the door open a crack. I needed a stackable unit therefore gave the set to my niece and her family 2 yrs ago and they've been using it ever since.

No cat hair on our clothes except for microfibre blankets. Seems microfleece seems to want to keep the hair, but it all clumps together into little hairballs after the drying cycle so it's easy to pull it off. By the way did I mention that I also shed lots, and again, other than fleece things, all human hair disappears too. Seeing as I'm stuck with my washer and dryer in my powder room, it's really nice that this set is so quiet when in use and I've never had the problem of twisted jeans that I sometimes got with my neptune (I'd forgotten about that glitch until now)

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Im using a HE detergent. I wash the fabrics grouped by type and color like I always have. I think it sounds like something mechanical is not right now. Do you have just one long haired cat? I have two and a dog. Do you find hair on the rim when you open the door all the time? I also still have grass on the socks from my son's and husbands soccer stuff. I can hear it draining so I know it is not blocked and the clothes are as dry as they should be when I go to put them in the dryer. One more strange thing I go to clean the lint filter down below on the washer and no hair at all. I guess it is time to maybe wait for them to come out and head to the laundry mat in the mean time. I do like the looks of the set and would like to put a counter above them something that a top loader will not allow for. What model number do you have? Mine is WM2496H*M


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Iv had the LG TROMM washer and dryer for 2 years now and not a problem one.To help you make a decision look in the repair forums and see what everyone is repairing and stay away from those brands.the only one that i could find on LG was for a squeeky door during spin.

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LG TROMM-2 years old, stacked WD-large capacity. Paid 2500 w/all the extended warranties. Worth every penny! No mold or mildew and I have tankless water system just behind the laundry room wall so the hot water really is hot which I think is very important for prevention of mold and mildew. Always open door in between washing.Using variety of HE detergents,sometimes mixed w/ regular laundry soaps.Adding cup of baking soda in each load.

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Yes .. we have the LG WM2688 / DLG8388 on pedestals in the basement.

We sometimes add OxiClean or Sears Detergent w/ OxiClean.

I leave an empty plastic "gallon ice cream bucket" weighed down with a brick, in the utility tub right under the washer drain hose.
Even after the washer has finished it's cycle, I can always see a sample of the "final rinse" water.
No need to empty it, it'll get flushed out with the next wash load.
Also, you can use up to 1 cup of vinegar (not for silk) in the f/s dispenser in every load to help eliminate the soapy residue build-up.

link: Readers Digest vinegar in the washing machine

link: Will Original Pine-Sol® Brand Cleaner help to clean greasy work clothes?

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IT took a lot of positive results to my investigation to convert me from a Kenmore H4T to an LG set. I think I made the right decision - they come tomorrow.

Washes faster than kenmore
Cost a little more but performs better.
Oh and largest capacity of any residential washer to date.

BTW - I asked a local repair shop and deduced the following - he had none in his lot of used machines but he had nothing good to say about them. I concluded, less business for him.

I could be wrong. Wish me luck

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Just make sure you use HE detergent and there seems to be less problems with powder rather than than liquid...
and use less than recommended.

Leave the washer door open for a few hours after a wash if possible, and use the "Tub Clean" cycle (if equipped) once a month (or more often if necessary) .

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We purchased a L G Washer and Dryer from Best Buy in Kennewick, Washington. If we could afford it we would just toss out the L G and purchase something else. I have tried every laundry soap carried in the grocery stores in our area and have purchased products on line. I have tried numerous additives. Nothing will clean my clothes. The whites are stained and dingy. I have to prop the washer door open to keep the machine getting a musty moldy smell which transfers to my clothes. Nothing I have used will get the colored clothing clean either. I tossed all my husbands tee's and unders, purchased new and now they are just as nasty as the ones I threw out. I hate, hate this machine set and want it gone but we can not afford to do this.

Cost of constantly replacing damages and stained clothing. Cost of discarding product that will not do the job and purchasing something else that will not perform any better is far greater than energy cost savings.

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