Hard Water, Scratchy Towels, Ariel.. Help Please?

alorienAugust 8, 2010

So we have relatively hard water here, Its around 16 according to the water quality report.

Our clothing and towels are not soft. And after reading around these forums a bit and doing a few searches I've come to the conclusion that it's the water hardness and my poor choice in detergents.

I went out and found Ariel and it has the tag with a warning saying that it has Sodium Phosphate in it, I'm hoping it's the correct one.

It says to use 250ml in laundry (about a cup), I was reading that In hard water you have to increase the detergent amount too? I have a really basic TL washer and no idea how much of the detergent I should be using.

I have been adding Vinegar to the rinse and I really am not noticing a difference. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated I'm pretty lost. Im sick of the state of our clothes (especially our towels but I've noticed the clothes are bad too )

If it was an option I would go get a water softener but we rent an apartment so it's not doable right now.

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Why don't you start with the recommended dose and adjust up or down depending on results? The scratchiness could be due to insufficient detergent and/or inadequate rinsing of detergent. Use the hottest setting you can, crank up your water heater, and start with the recommended dose and increase up or down as needed.

Your towels are scratchy due to residue. The question is, what type of residue? Is it detergent build-up from inadequate rinsing? Is it dirt build-up due to inadequate detergent dosing? Could it be hard water minerals, in which case you will also need to add a water softening product to the final rinse as well.

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