What's up with ECONAR?

sniffdogDecember 22, 2009

One of my Econar Geosource 2000 heat pumps was out (again) for 13 days. This is the 3rd winter season of operation and this unit is batting 1000 - been down in each winter season.

First time was scroll compressor, second time was computer board and fan relay, this time it was the fan motor and computer board.

Between my HVAC company waiting for 2 days after the initial diagnoses to order the parts, and Econar shipping the parts by Pony Express - we wound up being down for 13 days this time. Since the unit has been installed it has been down for a total of 25 days. That seems pretty bad to me.

My other 2 Econar heat pumps (3 ton units) have been rock solid. This 5 ton unit that keeps breaking down seems like a lemon. Unfortunately, the 5 ton unit is the most critical in heating the house.

After talking the the technician, he mentioned that Econar may have filed for bankruptcy - is that true? Now my HVAC service company no longer installs Econar (but they still service them). For new installs they switched to Florida Heat Pumps. The tech says they are much better than Econar.

Can anyone comment on Econar equipment? I thought they were supposed to be a good quality heat pump? Could I chaulk this up to bad luck or should I start looking for a new unit?


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I never heard of them before. Nobody mentioned them when we soliciting GSHP quotes.

I took a look at their web site. Nothing about filing for bankruptcy, although I guess they wouldn't necessarily broadcast it if they did file.

Their dealer locater requires you to fill out a form and submit it to them in order to receive the privilege of knowing who sells their stuff. Not a good way to introduce yourself to potential customers in my opinion.

Check warranties and heat exchanger options carefully if you go decide to go with FHP.

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That's it! I have a 6 ton dualtec unit and it was installed in 2000. Every year it has gone down a minimum of 2 times per winter. The unit has been pulled out 2 times and sent back to the manufacturing company for 3 months per time. I'm on my 6th scroll compressor, my energy bills ave $500.00/month in the winter. I actually broke down and bought a boiler to replace the crappy system. My bills are down to $350.00/month. Over the past 10 years I have had a series of problems. The manufactures solution for the problem was to to offer me to buy another new unit at a 5% discount. Great business Huh

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