Downy and rough clothes? Also..update on Ecover Fabric Softener.

happymomof2kidsAugust 16, 2011

Okay...I've been using the Downy perfume and dye free for any laundry that touches our delicate parts so to speak. Just got a new bottle because I used up the last of the one I had and now the laundry is scratchy, not soft like it usually is. Is anyone else having a problem with any knew bottles of Downy purchased? Maybe I got a bad batch?

I also got the Ecover Fabric Softener. It seemed to work fine for line drying to an extent. It did help with odors and some softness, but nothing fantastic. I'm going to use it up and move onto the Shaklee once it is gone and give that a try.

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I also thought Ecover was average at best. I have been mixing 50/50 Downy Free with Downy April Fresh. That combo most closely mimics the old original April Fresh...soft, fluffy and a really light, gentle fragrance.

I ordered Shaklee Fabric Softener, paid $9.00 for shipping (actual softener is like $10)...and still waiting. Hope it's good, as this expense and wait is EXACTLY why I do not buy cleaning products online!

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@ happymomof2kids

I know this sounds obvious and silly, but have you tried shaking the bottle? I'm just asking in the off chance it was stored under unusual temperature conditions and some of the softening ingredients may have separated and sunken to the bottom. Normally the Downy doesn't require shaking before use, as it is a well emulsified solution, but it couldn't hurt.

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Thank you for your response. You have me thinking twice about the Shaklee now. The $9 shipping combined with a $10 selling price is a little steep for me. LOL. At least I got the Ecover with only a four dollar shipping fee (which was for several bottles), and even though it doesn't work as well as the's a little more affordable and it does soften well enough where I can use it. It just works way better in the dryer than the clothesline, so it will get used up this winter.


You know..I didn't even think of that, so it's a good thing you posted it. LOL I've never had a problem with the Downy Free not softening, so I have never shaken it.

I also recently found out our water hardness is a little harder than it use to be. My village has not updated their water info so I had to look up the water quality through the city of Chicago since they are our water source, so maybe that is it too. I might have to use a little more detergent or a water softening agent to counteract the hardness so the Downy can do it's thing in the rinse, but I will definitely give it a shake with the next use.

I'm also going to try that essential oil tip you gave me. I have several different types here, so I will see how that helps with the outdoor odors I mentioned in another post since Shaklee is obvioulsy out for me. LOL I'll let ya know how it goes. :D

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Funny that you mentioned shaking the bottle. I read my bottle of Downy Simple Pleasures Lavender Serenity a couple of days ago, and it said to shake well on it! I have never seen that on a bottle of fabric softener before. I tried it, but then softener dripped from under the pouring spout as I was measuring. I guess I will shake it, then wait a couple of minutes for the softener to drain out of the top area of the bottle before pouring. Not terribly convenient.

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