Stopped washing machine

houstoncriticAugust 15, 2010

I have a Whirlpool washer of unknown age that's been purring along beautifully for years and now it's suddenly gone kaput on me. It will fill and agitate, but it won't drain, rinse or spin; and no matter which wash setting I put it on it will not perform these three functions. The timer gets to the drain setting and simply stops.

Is this a water pump, or water pump controller problem, perhaps? And is the timer stopping simply because the next function in the cycle isn't working, and therefore is not giving feedback to the timer to advance?

Yeah, I know, lots of questions, here. And no, I haven't even taken a nutdriver to the back of the machine, yet. The washer itself is in really good shape, so I'm certainly not willing to either call in an expensive repairman, or dump it for another washer. And no offense to anyone--and I'm not trying to sound overly nativist-- but I'm simply NOT willing to exchange a tough, American-made washer for one of those foreign-made cheepies they sell these days.

Any thoughts on my washer problems out there?

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Based on the information you've provided, my first guess is the lid switch has gone bad. An easy and inexpensive repair. The lid switch comes into play to stop the motor when the lid is opened any time except during fill or agitation.

Please specify the model number of the machine so further details can be researched, and proper diagnostic and repair info can be provided to you. And the serial number, which will pinpoint the date of manufacture.

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In case you look here before you get my reply to the e-mail you sent ... STOP!!! You're disassembling the machine the wrong way.

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