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shouldibuildDecember 28, 2012

We are looking at building on 15 acres that is close in to the city, but the property and building sits off the road quite a ways. We are looking at needing to run electricity about 500 feet and gas more than 900.

How much is it worth to bring gas to the building site compared to an alternate fuel - either propane or electricity? We could get a small propane tank for the gas range and heat off electric. There are probably other altenatives I am not considering. All in this will be a $650K to $750K project so I do not want to be pennywise and pound foolish. Interested in your thoughts. Thanks

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Right now natural gas is the cheapest way to heat a home in most parts of the country. The US has an abundance of natural gas due to hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. There is no much cheap gas in the US that there are plans to export it overseas to Europe and Asia.

I think you should investigate how much it will cost to bring the gas line into your house. Once you have the numbers then you can calculate the return on investment and determine whether it makes financial sense.

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With that much land, you should look into geothermal.

Both propane and electric will be much more expensive than NG for heating, depending on your climate.

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