Maxa Il Bello ar-to-air heating/cooling pumps

Iain40December 17, 2012

Hi, I'm in the UK and a member of my local hospital radio service. We have installed in our studio two Max Il Bello air-to-air heating/cooling pumps which we are having difficulty in getting to work properly.

They are operated by a remote control and have four modes of operation - heating/cooling/fresh air/de-humidifying plus an automatic mode. The instruction book is very little help. For each mode a temperature can be set but what are the best settings if we want heating to 21C? Setting the heating mode to 21 results in a much higher temperature, 24 or 25C which is much too hot. The book suggests using the auto mode and says the unit will control to the set temperature - but what temperature should we set for each mode?

If anyone out there has direct experience of these Italian units I'd be glad to hear of it.

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