W/D decision -change in plans

maries1120August 4, 2013

DH and I talked about getting a Speed Queen washer and dryer. While he was out of the country for work I did the research on these but also had 3 front loaders for him to see as we'll. he likes doing laundry and I happily oblige. He kept saying he wanted basic but I wanted him to have options and the pros and cons of the traditional vs front loader. Washer and dryer didn't need to match since this is in the basement and we have no issue with being eclectic. I don't know that there is a huge difference with dryer technology. We weren't going to be able to go with the standard pedestals under a front loader due to existing cabinets but we know we could get something made. A front loader not raised wasn't an option but we only had 48" to work with. Enter the GE right height washer and dryer with an integrated pedestal and height of 47" that the store just got in. And made in the US was a requirement for DH.

DH gets back and yesterday we went off to the appliance store. I liked the Electrolux since the washer door is reversible. Unfortunately not made in US.. DH looked at the GE set and the Speed Queens along with some others. He selected the GE Right Height both the washer and dryer. We probably won't get it for 2weeks unless I can get some things worked out for the 10th. I was sure he'd go either all Speed Queen or front load washer and Speed Queen dryer.

Hoping this was the right decision but I'm excited to get them!

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Hi Maries1120...

I'm really hopping GE does a better job with this new line of washers and dryers.

This line will now be made here in America and not abroad.
Hopefully getting a handle on quality control.
They used to be made by GE partner Wuxi Little Swan in Wuxi, China,

The line is still new and there hasn't been much info. on this set.
I believe they just began being sold in June of this year (2013).

I really hope GE gets it together for this new line.

They look impressive and have HUGE capacities.
Washer 4.8 DOE* Cu. Ft. Capacity.
Dryer 8.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity.

I say go for it. They have to be better than what they produced before from China.

Please give us a review and your thoughts on these new American made machines.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Moves Manufacturing to the USA.

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They are very new so not many reviews and even though the ones I saw on the GE site were good, I'm not sure how unbiased these are. The store we bought them from just got the floor models in mid-July. I'm hoping these are good so DH isn't soured on new technology. They did seem to be well made and solid. I'm thinking that getting an extended warranty for these might not be a bad idea though just to be sure.

I still wish they would make the washer with either a reversible door or that a washer could be ordered with the door opening either left or right.

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