My love-hate relationship with my new FL LG washer...

JoeNY7August 3, 2013

I just bought an TOP load LG WT1201CW. One of my greatest concerns when shopping for a new washer was that so many reviews (of Maytag's for instance), suggest so little water is used - and people complain that their clothes aren't getting cleaned.

Well - this washer doesn't have that problem, but I believe it might be because of a poor design.

I actually had one bath mat (not rug) in the washer yesterday. Had selected the cotton/normal cycle, HOT, and soak. During the first rinse cycle, it's algorithms decided to fill up just over half the tub with HOT water... I believe because it's balancing system was trying to balance out the load. And the load (without water) was oh I don't know, 8 ounces?)

All three loads I washed (on cotton/normal) had PLENTY of water - and while that is good, the darn washer might be going overboard and wasting water when it should be saving it.

My other comments:
- No dedicated permanent press cycle. It has 8 cycles but not the most common cycle (aside from regular/normal) in use over the past 20-30 years. Peculiar.
- Can't adjust rinse temps separately from wash temps - like my 20 year old washer could do.
- It's "safety" feature of emptying the drum if you pause it for like 8 minutes... It's so awesome that you can't disable that if you don't have little ones around. (I have low water pressure so would be nice to pause it so that the inlet error message doesn't show up when my downstairs neighbor starts doing laundry after I already started)
- Due to I think the balancing algorithms, I had one large load (pretty small in the tub once fully wet) of towels take FIVE hours when I included the extra 30 min soak period. (Probably partially due also to the low water pressure, but minimally so because the washer would have given up and aborted the washing completely if there was a prolonged water "outage")

Anyway - I wanted to share my initial experience and see if anyone thought I was crazy - specifically on the >50% full tub with one relatively small item in it.

Things I like: the direct drive motor. Man, what a nice design that is, to be able to directly control the tub like that... Also like the window, especially important given my low water pressure. I do wish it had an internal LED light that I could turn on, as glare from the laundry room light limits how much I can actually see in the washer.

Thanks guys :)

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You couldn't pay me to own a TL again. Why did you buy one? FL's do such an incredible job with getting things clean, that it's downright freaky. Even my dirtiest rags used for auto cleanup come out mostly spotless (and I'm talking WHITE cotton rags, used on tires and other grime, silicone residue, you name it). Plus, a FL uses very little water.

When we had a TL, the hottest water, with tons of detergent, never got our rags clean. There would be a huge amount of black scum at the top of the drum/agitator. I'd run them a second time--same results. Rags remained quite dirty and the drum was filthy. No matter what I throw at the FL (Samsung 520) the drum remains clean.

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