HVAC noise problem

spf5209December 4, 2011

This is a cross-post from the building forum on what seems to be commonplace stupidity/sloppiness/could not care less attitude of some of the subs. When we tested the new HVAC (with geothermal heat pump), it was very noisy with no start-up check list filled out. Turns out they did not install the noise-dampening pad or attach the correct flexible duct pieces to keep vibrations from transferring. I guess I am just old school, but can't begin to comprehend the mind that walked away from that job thinking it was done correctly. If I turned in my projects in that condition, my boss would rightly wonder what kind of employee he had.

Now that they have fixed that, the noise from the air flow through the ducts/registers is still loud. This is only a problem in the living room right above the unit. Builder says that is normal in an empty house and will dissipate once the furniture/rugs, etc. are in. Anyone have experience on this they can share? Was it loud in the empty house and okay with furniture (we have hardwood floors)? Can you hear the air rushing through the vents when your HVAC kicks on? Can they add duct insulation/other fixes to reduce the noise level? Thanks.

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If you can hear the air go through the duct through the floor, then you may have undersized duct work. How many tons is the AC and what are the sizes of the duct work?

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Mike - thanks for the thoughtful questions. It is a 4-ton unit. The main supply duct is 8 X 10 inch galvanized and then the runs are 6-inch galvanized pipe. They did come in and made some adjustments and it looks like they insulated the outside if the tube pipe for about 5 feet from the main supply trunk (it might be just flex tube, I have to check it out). What they did has made it better, but still not as quiet as I think it should be. I am thinking the lining/insulation should go on the inside or is it all about velocity and size, so maybe a bigger duct size for the run? Thanks for your input.

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"It is a 4-ton unit. The main supply duct is 8 X 10 inch galvanized"

WAY undersized for 4 tons.

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"WAY undersized for 4 tons"

Thank you, brickeyee, for the feedback. Are you saying that this is the likely source of the noise problems and furnishings won't likely change the noise level?

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