Labor Charges for Miele Dryer

ann-elizabethAugust 16, 2010


My fairly new Miele T9820 Gas Dryer needed another new Thermostat (the second one in two years). He told me because of the sensitivity of the thermostat, if there is any lint buidup in the dryer duct leading to the outside, the thermostat will burn out as a prevention of fire. Then you have to replace it. So you need to clean out the duct once a year. Wish I had known that after the first replacement.....This thermostat was not covered under the warranty. The cost of the part was about $130. The labor charge however was a two hour minimum charge at $175! IT TOOK HIM 20 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THE ENTIRE SERVICE. What a ripoff.... I called the Miele service number on the unit and this is the service tech that called me. I was not given any choice and now in hindsight, I realize I should have shopped around more. Don't you think the labor rate was a little high even for Los Angeles? Its not like they had to come a long distance...about 15 mile freeway.....

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The labor rate seems about right for Southern California. It has to cover so much more than just labor. The cost of the part seems high to me.

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I suppose Miele's may be different, but the part involved is likely a thermal fuse, not a thermostat. Thermostats don't typically burn out but thermal fuses do and then must be replaced, they're a one-time shot protection against overheating from airflow blockage or as backup for a failed thermostat. Pretty much all dryers have them now, and some have more than one. If the thermal fuse involved is backup for a thermostat, the thermostat must also be replaced due to either being confirmed bad or suspect of being erratic.

Many service companies have minimum charge policies, but two hours minimum does seem excessive for a procedure that takes considerably less time.

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Several questions, if you please:

Has your dryer undergone the following?: T9820 Software Update

Did you know that Miele warranties a repair for one year after the time of the repair? When was the date of the last sensor replacement? On the work order you received the part numbers should be the same (unless they revised the part).

Does your filter screen look like this (note hexagonal holes, rows, and their count)?: Dryer Filter Screen

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$75 and hour sounds cheap to me. What does your car dealer charge an hour? Telephone / computer wonk?

In the ATL , tech charges are $100-125 / hr.

Why is the the thermostat not covered under warranty?

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Well its been a few weeks and I am at ground zero again. My dryer won't heat again. I called a different repair service and a very nice and decent repair man came out and discovered that the problem all along was broken blades on on vent fan were clogging the vent! So now I need to replaced my themostat (not the fuse) again, because the first guy didn't check the fan. So now I have to replace the fan and the thermostat! The fan has to be ordered and will take 3 to 4 weeks! He is still searching for it though. If it does indeed take that long, I am going to buy a new set of washer/dryer - not Miele, and then repair the Miele and then sell them. I have had nothing but troubles with them and my clothes do not seem too clean. I hate the way my whites get so dingy and I barely use any detergent! I'm going with Whirlpool. The repairman recommends them....I also have a Miele vacuum cleaner and have had lots of trips to the repair shop. My german experiment is over....and this new repairman is worth his weight in gold. He spent over one hour here and charged me $35.

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I hate the way my whites get so dingy and I barely use any detergent!This could be why. A proper dose of detergent is needed for good cleaning results.

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Interesting situation. It's a trade-off in my case. Miele washers and dryers (every one I've owned at least) require more nooks, areas and pieces to be cleaned, but they're the best cleaning appliances I've used. That includes dishwashers and vacuums. (I've never considered the company for cooking, etc.)

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I would have not chosen your course of action by calling another appliance service other than Miele as Miele warrants its service work. Miele will work with you on matters (as will others like ASKO) when they receive feedback from the service rep where they will weight-out their judgement calls on price and responsibly.

As westvillager points out, Miele products do require a bit more consideration for and during their usage, but as hard as I am on Miele (some of it deserved) their products are above most and work very well when used correctly. Miele knows it had issues with your model (my wife and I own the same model); truly Miele would have worked with you on the problem.

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Funny, I did send an email to Miele about the first service rep and the charges and never heard back fro Miele, The Miele authorized service guy missed the problem and now has cost me more money. Why would I want to work with them again?

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I would call Miele versus email and discuss your issue. Your work order number is what they have in their database, and they can reference your work quickly. Also, of the three Miele service techs that I have dealt with, all were very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous; all helped in resolving issues. Admittedly, I did not care for Miele's Customer Service to begin with, but it has gotten better; their Service Techs I have zero issues with. I still believe Miele with work with you on both your recent service (by them) and the service pricing. It doesn't hurt to try.

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