bosch wfmc6400 uc dispensing problems

daisyntnAugust 25, 2013

I have a Bosch Nexxt, WFMC6400UC washer that has been problematic since day one. The latest problem is bleach and fabric softener get dispensed as soon as they are poured into the compartments. The following things have been done:
1. Disassembled and cleaned the unit
2. Verified all water feeds are cleared
3. No error codes showing
4. Ran valve test repeatedly and no error codes appeared
5. Raised the front of the washer
6. Cleaned water inlet screens

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Those units work on a simple siphon method.
If they are draining out as fast as you fill them it will be one of two possibilities.
1.) you are over filling the compartment causing the liquid level to go higher that the inner siphon tube.
2.) the siphon tube is broken off.

These are the only two possibilities.

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I have had 5 visits from repairmen addressing this problem. Make sure your machine is level. My dispenser comes apart in 2 pieces and one of the pieces was not snapped into place correctly. It took a third repairman to notice it.

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