Madi bakes, Maci eats...

annie1992June 11, 2014

I was watching the girls last week, so Madi and I just had to bake cookies. Peanut butter cookies. First you have to stir, stir, stir....

Then you scoop them onto the baking sheets with Grandma's scooper. We need one of these.

Then you flatten the tops with a fork and sprinkle with sugar. Um....maybe Grandma should help with that sugar.

What? They aren't done YET? Fine, I'll eat a cracker while I wait, but I'm having one of those cookies as soon as they are out of the oven, or you'll hear about it!

These look pretty good, we'd better take them all home with us so Grandma won't have to eat them. Yeah.....

Good thing they did take them, I might have had to eat them all myself.


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Very sweet girls and the biscuits look good too!

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What delightful helpers!

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aaah, both so cute, how old are they now?

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How children learn to bake. Start with one fantastic grandma and the fun begins. then you get to enjoy of eating them. Cookies yummy. How it starts. My grandson and I had so much fun baking chocolate chip cookies and now that he is 24 he still loves to bake. Love your pictures too.

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Nothing better than being with the grands but cooking with them is a grand slam! Bonding time, learning new skills, sharing with other family members, and encourages creativity.

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Norman Rockwell, where are you?

Would like to see you put this on a canvas to go on magazine covers.


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How adorable!

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Annie I love those chairs with the rose carving on the back. Where did they come from? BF is afraid of any kind of chair that a little kid could get his head stuck in though. His dining chair backs look like a birdcage!

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Cathy, you forgot that it also teaches them math!

Dcarch, neither of those girls stay still long enough for many Norman Rockwell moments, LOL. Maybe it's the sugar. I love that serious face when Madi is scooping dough though, it's a serious job, that one should go on the cover of one of those baking magazines. (grin)

Mitch, Maci will be a year old in August, Madi will be three in December. Right now Madi is more fun, but Maci is learning fast how yummy cookies are.

Islay, the cookies were pretty good, it's a good thing they took them home.

plllog, they aren't efficient, but they are darned cute. (grin)

Grandmamary, it is so worth it. It takes time and they make a mess, but they have such a good time. Even Maci will sit in her high chair and play with cookie dough. Well, mostly she eats it, but still....

Laurie, those chairs came with the Duncan Phyfe table in my kitchen. I bought the table and 6 chairs, newly reupholstered, for $50.00. Some lady in Coopersville had them, they belonged to her mother. She threw in three leaves and the felt protectors too...

Thanks everyone. We have a really good time baking.


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So darling! Thanks for sharing!!!


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Annie posted the before picture.

But I have the after picture.


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They are so cute! What memories they will have of their time spent with you( besides learning math)!


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Who does Maci's edgy hairdo? ; )

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dcarch, that doesn't quite do it justice, there's no batter on the washing machine or doors, LOL.

Tami, I'm taking advantage of it while they still want to bake with me, someday I will not be "cool" anymore, I'll just be old. (grin)

Sooz, I'm always happy to share!

KD, that would be her mother, my own Ashley, who insists that Maci has enough hair for a pony tail. Nope, she doesn't. Ashley didn't either, she was bald until she was two!


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Oh Annie, the sugar on them.LOL. Those scoops sure do make it easier. Love them. Thanks for sharing. So great to see the beginning of these two young bakers/cooks.

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Heavens Annie...where doe the time go.! Madi is such a big girl! Seems just like last week that you were telling us that Amanda was expecting. Meredith was just going into high school.

My day will come for grands.........or so I hope. Chris is right off in that regard but Meredith seems to be on the right track. LOL

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