major miele w4842 snafu :((

larsi_gwAugust 5, 2012

Of course, naturally, figures....On the weekend & 2 days before our big Hawaiian vacation (and there is a ton to be washed before and after the trip).

Put in a load of clothes last night (Saturday 8/4/12)...Custom/Very warm, Sensitive/3rd Rinse, Max Spin. Hit the Start button, the door locked....and no water! You could hear it sounding like it wanted to fill, but nothing. Checked all faucets in the laundry room and surrounding bathrooms..and water worked fine.

I cancelled the cycle, but it would not unlock the door! After MANY, MANY attempts to cancel and get the door to unlock...the water started to fill. The machine went thru it's wash cycle. When it was time to drain and rinse and spin...the Alarm went off & the Check drain error message displayed. Door would not unlock. I cancelled the cycle, and got a big bucket, and drained the machine manually, by opening the round door (bottom right of the machine). Hot soapy water, and over filled the bucket (water all over the floor, and inside the drawers that are attached to the pedestals :(( There was NOTHING in the drain..not a button, rock, saftety pin, kid's toy, etc...

Tried doing a manual rinse and drain. Same thing happened. Had to drain the machine using a bucket, since the alarm was beeping and check drain error message.

Again, after MANY attempts...I got the machine to rinse, drain and spin. I bravely did another load of towels...and the machine worked normally. I finished by doing a Clean Machine cycle...and that also worked normally.

While Miele service is VERY good, they are not quick to come out. I am now afraid to try laundry before our trip. Anyone else, ever have this kind of issue? I KNOW it has absolutely nothing to do with it, but now that Miele has killed the W48xx and T98xx my machine is acting up!! Arghhhhhhh.

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There is an orange colored piece of plastic residing in the side of the dispensing tray that can be used to manually unlock the drum door so that it can be opened. Also, have you checked your hose connection strainers, just inside the screw-on part to your hot and cold water valves, for any debris? Your manual discussed and shows you these areas and parts in detail.

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@larsi - I have not had anything happen that is equal to what you described, but my W4842 will occasionally have a "hissy fit", usually when a cycle ends. Sometimes the door will not unlock, no other symptom, so I have to fool it and start a cycle, then pause/cancel to get the door unlocked. I am too lazy to get the owners manual out and fiddle with the orange "key." !Q@#$ machine should work properly to begin with. (That's the German DNA in me. LOL)

This may be a one-time glitch yours experienced. Perhaps an unnoticeable (to the naked eye) brown-out or power surge in the electrical supply caused it. These are computers that wash clothes, and I have seen what these little brown-outs and/or power surges can do to an embroidery machine.

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Thanks Cavimum and Fahrenheit!

YES, I used that little orange "key" to open the trap/drain door...that is how I did multiple drains!

@ Cavimum...mine has done the hissy fit, with the door lock thing maybe 4-5 times. A friend that got her W4842 about 4 months ago, had this happen 2 times. It is just a "glitch" I guess! The machines clean so well, I guess they are entitled to these fits sometimes!

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Larsi, I was racing off to dine with my wife and didnâÂÂt realize it was you who started this thread when I posted. Cavimum is onto something. Have you checked the ground on your laundry receptacle(s) as well?

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