Paint color for walk-in closet

lkplatowJanuary 15, 2010

A few years ago, we put a white melamine-type closet system in our master-bedroom walk in closet. At the time, we had planned to do the bedroom in earth tones eventually, so we painted the walls of the closet a golden tan color (Durham Cream from BM, IIRC). The trim in the closet is white (there's baseboard and a window that is trimmed out). It was actually a nice color combo and looked great.

But it took us a few years to get around to the bedroom and I ended up painting the bedroom sort of a spring/apple green. Now the closet looks very drab and depressing compared to the bedroom color. The easiest solution (keep the door shut) can't work because we keep our dog's crate in there and and he needs access to it. So I want to repaint the closet.

I was planning to just paint it white so that it would go with whatever color we chose in the future (now that the closet system is in, it's going to be a serious pain to paint around all the shelves and such). But my dh thinks white will be too boring with the white trim and white closet system. Any other suggestions for a color that would be neutral, not too drab against apple green, and not be too "boring" for my dh? (I'm still thinking white but maybe there's a nice shade of cream or something that would work....)


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White (a bright white) might be boring, but it's really the best color because it helps your eye gauge your clothes colors. Put 2 navy blues against white and you can quickly see which is "navier" (all navy blues are not the same, nor are all blacks). Plus, once your clothes and shoes and other stuff are in place, those will be colors you see, not the white walls.

Once you paint it a non-white color, you will always return to this subject whenever you repaint the bedroom color. So save yourself some time and effort.

(Also, how big is the walk-in? I've seen some not-movie-star-size walk-ins in which the owner hung art high on a wall)

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I think a pretty aqua would look great with the white melamine and apple green. See link for pics and ideas

Here is a link that might be useful: aqua and apple green

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Having just finished a closet, I painted it eggshell white. It's a pure white and fits with the melamine doors. Now I wish I could paint those doors because they're just too white compared to what I wanted for the room...

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My painter recommends white for the inside of a closet for the very reason that pammyfay gives: it's best for determining the true color of your clothes.

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I always paint closets a neutral color, white or cream. How many people actually see your closet? It's such a pain to remove everything from the closet in the future to repaint. Even in a large walk-in most of the wall color is not visible but hidden behind shelves and clothing, yes?

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You could try an off-white, like BM Bone White, which actually provides a lot of contrast with pure white but will go with any color you might paint the room.

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I'd match the closet unit. Then it will always match. There's enough color in most closets without adding more with a wall color. Well our closet built ins are stained, but I consider that a neutral too, though I wouldn't want the wall stained too. That would be too dark.

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