GE Harmony washer HE only or regular soap?

vejoanAugust 10, 2011

While searching the Home Depot website for washers I posted a question about the detergent used in the GE Harmony top loader. The answer sent back is that regular detergent can be used in the Harmony although HE is recommended. Does any one have one? What kind of detergent do you use? If I can buy a new washer without the HE option I would rather do that. But finding a machine with features I like is a tiring project. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Why don't you list the features you like and maybe some on the forum with vast machine knowledge can help you narrow it down.

I will warn you that you will probably get a lot of different opinions and this process may help you or confuse you further. Good luck!

I follow the belief that you should only use HE detergent in your HE washer. HE washers use much less water and the HE detergents are designed to properly remove/suspend dirt and rinse it away in less water. To me it sounds logical that a detergent for use in a TL with way more water would work differently than one designed to work with very little water.

Others on this forum will tell you otherwise. You have to choose what you think is right.

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Great question. Personally, I'd stick to HE detergent in HE models, but you can use regular detergent. The trick with regular detergent is that you have to use MUCH less than you normally would. If you don't, you'll get some SERIOUS sudsing (is that even a word?) in washing machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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