Ann T's Stacked Enchiladas

annie1992June 11, 2014

So yummy, I just love them. In fact, I began growing tomatillos just so I could make the green sauce, tomatillos are not readily available in my small market. I often make them without meat, just using the cheese, sauce and tortillas, but I had some chicken left over that Elery had grilled.

I made some rice and beans for the side, and was happy...

Thanks for a great recipe, Ann!


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One of my favorites! Looks yummmmy.

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You know, Cathy, those go together so quickly, I don't know why I don't make them more often.

I make a big batch of the sauce and portion it out in individual containers and put it in the freezer, so when I make them, I just haul out a frozen jar of sauce, thaw it, assemble and bake just long enough to heat everything and melt the cheese. I can have dinner on the table in about 15 minutes that way.


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It's a favorite at our house, too. DH put up our extra hoop house just for tomatillos (and I'm trying a couple of ground cherries). Last year they took over more than their share of my pepper greenhouse.

I froze Ann_T's sauce, and tried a can-able roasted salsa verde that had a lot of lime, but mellowed out nicely with lots of cheese. Both were really good...this year I think I will roast the tomatillos, onion and garlic for Ann's recipe, Yum.

Going to try dehydrating some tomatillos this year.

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Annie, thanks for the reminder. Been a while since we had them. I think Matt is coming up next week so maybe I'll make them for him.


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Thanks Annie and AnnT. We are on the road this weekend staying in Extended Stay w/kitchenette so I am bring what I need to make these.

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Here's a link to the recipe. I make enchiladas several times a month, and I tend to keep my bean dip on hand for a variety of recipes. We ate the last of the last batch of enchiladas yesterday. I serve the bean dip on the side with Spanish rice.

Tomatillos are readily available here all year, and I also always have chilies in my yard, although I harvested most of the pequin chilies this week. I need to make a new batch of habanero sauce, as I have a lot of habaneros that need to be harvested. I like to alternate between green chili and red chili when making enchiladas.

I prefer tamales to enchiladas, but they are a lot more work.


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Ann_T, thanks for the recipe and Annie, thank you for posting it, I needed some inspiration for weekend meals. And thank you for the link, Lars. I bought all the ingredients today, except had to substitute poblanos for the anaheim peppers cause the only other choice was jalapenos or habaneros. Since hubby and I are hot pepper wimps, those are best avoided. :o)

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petra, I'm a hot pepper wuss myself, although Elery loves them.

This green sauce is more lime and tomatillo than hot pepper and the cheese moderates the heat nicely too.

Lars, I like to keep bean dip on hand too, but Elery finds that it makes a good snack in the evening, so before I know it, it's gone!

My habanero plants are doing well, but it's very nearly a miracle if any of them ripen before frost here.

KatieC, I'd get twice as many tomatillos if I'd actually cover them or put them in a hoop house, my season is just barely long enough for the husks to fill.....

Cathy, I always cooked when I travelled, although I don't travel nearly as much as you do. I can only eat out just so much, then I need to cook something, even if it's just eggs.


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Oh my goodness, what a sauce!! Absolutely delicious, and not hot in the least. I roasted everything before I noticed it doesn't have to be, but it still turned out wonderful. Hubby loves cilantro and he is particularly happy that the sauce contains quite a bit. I doubled the recipe since several people wrote they freeze it. With the way this tastes, I should have quadrupled it. :o)

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petra, I'm happy you liked it, another thanks to Ann T for a great recipe.

Now you see why I freeze the stuff, for times when I just can't my hands on tomatillos...


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Yes, thanks again to Ann T, and to you for posting about the recipe. :o) I decided to make the recipe into sort of an enchilada casserole last night, used a 9 x 13 dish and just layered everything as described in the recipe. We each ate a slice before I stuck it in the fridge, oh so good! When we get back tonight, we'll have more of it plus beans and rice, am looking forward to it already. :o)

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Just made these tonight. It was a hit.

The sauce is amazing - I'm not sure what I was expecting, but we all really, really liked the sauce.

My SIL and the grandkids thought there were too many onions - so next time I'll make a pico de gallo and use that in place of the onions between the tortillas.

No cilantro, though - we have the "soap" gene.

Thanks, Ann.

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I don't make Enchiladas often. There are a few Spanish restaurants not far from me.

Yours look delicioso, great pictures too.


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