Kenmore Dryer 110.63032101 Light/Door Issue

lexluthorAugust 6, 2012

I have a Kenmore Dryer Model 110.63032101.

Recently, when I open the door while the dryer is running, the dryer doesn't stop spinning and the inside light doesn't come on.

Seems to me, that since I'm having those problems together, it's most likely that the dryer isn't sensing that the door is open.

Is this something I can easily fix on my own?

Any help is appreciated.

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Bad door switch. Here is a video.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video

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Likely a simple bad door switch, but it's a good idea to TEST the switch first to confirm the situation before replacing it.

Part Number 3406107. $13.77
There are other sources (, AppliancePartsPros,, even eBay) but I usually find the best prices at either Sears or PartsTap.

Access is by opening the console and tilting it back, then removing the top panel of the machine for access to the door switch on inside of the door panel. RepairClinic has a video on YouTube showing the replacement steps ... Don_1_2006 has linked it in his reply.

1. Open the console. Carefully lift the back of the two trim pieces at the left and right sides of the console and pull the trim forward to remove it. Remove the exposed screw at the bottom front corners of the console (normally hidden by the trim). The screws are long and have blunt ends, unscrew far as they'll go them pull them completely out. Pull the console slightly forward then tilt back and open, it's hinged at the rear corners.

2. Three screws under the console anchor the top panel to the rear panel. Remove the screws, then slide the top panel forward and off.

3. Look inside toward the front at the right side to locate the door switch on the front panel. Disconnect the wiring plug. Open the door and remove the two screws that anchor the switch. Test the switch for continuity with a volt/ohm meter. There are three wires ... common, motor, and drum light. Test between common and the other wires. The motor wire should have continuity (on) when the switch is PRESSED (door closed), and not show continuity (off) when the switch is *not* pressed (door open). The light wire is the opposite, continuity (on) when the switch is *not* pressed (door open), no continuity (off) when the switch *is* pressed (door closed). If either one shows continuity (on) both ways, then the switch is confirmed bad.

4. Replace the switch (attach to the panel, connect the wires). Set the top panel in place, slide it back to position, replace the anchor screws. Lower the console, replace the anchor screws and trim pieces.

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It was indeed the door switch. There's a Sears parts store nearby, so I picked up the part and replaced it using the video I found on I knew it was the problem when I got the new part and saw how it clicked and how the broken one in the machine didn't. Pretty simple repair.

Thanks for the replies.

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