Where Are the New WP Duets Made?

ken_mooreAugust 7, 2011

Hey folks! Remember me? I used to be quite active here at this site, but have not been around for quite some time. I'm back in the appliance business (again!), but perhaps I should change my username because it no longer fits in with the new company where I'm selling appliances.

Maybe I should look to see if "Coe_Bold" is available?

Anyways, it's good to be back, and it's really good to be back selling appliances again. I love the machines; I really do.

Anyhoots, as I am re-learning the new lines of washers on the markets, I noticed that a new line of Whirlpool Duet seemingly tops the market in the one thing people are looking for most: capacity. The WFW97 and it's cousins have the highest I've seen at 4.3 cuft (DOE).

I looked at the model number tag and it doesn't say "Made in ______" anywhere. The 3.9 cuFt models still say "Made in Germany" and the 3.5 cuFt models say "Made in Mexico"... but there's nothing I could find anywhere on either of two top-of-the-line models that say where it is made. I've always been told that if it doesn't say "Made in _____", then it is made in the USA. Could this be true?

Is a company other than Frigidaire making frontloaders in America again?

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I believe the new design Whirlpool Duets and Maytag Maxima are made in the USA. The slightly smaller machines, formally called Duet Sports ( and the Maytag equivalents) are made in Mexico. The German made models still are around too. The have the bowed out front and the removable lower front kick plate.

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I have a very well regarded appliance store with very knowledgeable staff in town tell me the Maximas were built in Mexico. Pretty sure I saw an assembled in Mexico sticker on it too. Can't speak for the Whirlpool but I'd assume they're the same...?

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I checked out the Maytag Maxima and New Duets (WFW97HEX_,WFW95HEX_,WFW94HEX_) at Lowes this weekend to confirm, and they are made in the USA. They have stickers on the front saying as much.

The older design, larger Duets are made in Germany (WFW9750W_,WFW9550W_). The smaller Duets (WFW9351Y_,WFW9050X_) are made in Mexico.

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Joe is right. Since I posted this question, my Whirlpool factory rep came in and confirmed that they're made at their venerable facilities in Clyde, Ohio.

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