Laundry room design?

halgreeneAugust 10, 2014


Still wrestling with a couple of q's. Happy for anyone who can chime in.

1. Ventless electric steam dryer? Am tempted by hype that says that steam dryers eliminate (or greatly reduce) the need to iron. Given how horribly lazy I am, which usually leads to me walking around in clothes that make me look like a well-dressed Shar Pei, is there any truth to this? Anyone HAVE one?

2. To stack or not to stack. The "laundry room" in the new place is really just a closet that is just barely wide-enough to fit a full-size washer & dryer. That means my only "laundry storage" is shelves set deeply back on the wall above both machines. Hardly ideal. I am tempted to stack them and create a nice space for storage and, more important, for a hamper. But then I have to lose the risers they currently sit on, which are kinda nice because they reduce the "stoop factor." Then I got the idea of building a big "cubby hole" kinda platform for them to sit on, side-by side. I'd still be relying on shelves along the back wall for storage of detergent, etc, but I could put a couple of lined baskets inside the cubby hole for hampers.

Thoughts? Anyone dealt with this issue?

Btw, in a previous post someone asked why in the world I'd switch from a gas dryer to an electric. Well, for the obvious reason. No gas in the unit.

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I have a steam dryer. I can't say it is anything revolutionary.

I was confused because you said you were replacing a gas dryer. You may be disappointed by a ventless dryer. They are very slow and IMO don't do as good a job.

DO NOT STACK if it can possibly be avoided. Stacking means service will be a pain, and nowadays these machines need service more than ever.

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