Laundry room floor and built in ironing board help needed

wakefield52August 6, 2014

I grew up with my Mother's ironing board built into the wall and it was fabulous. So now with the whole remodeling job we are doing I am considering it but certainly they do not appear to be as sturdy as "days of old". Has anyone bought one/full sized and if so what do you think?

Also contractor wants to put "real" hardwood floor in the laundry room. Right now we have old time linoleum. What do you think???? Hardwood or tile? The kitchen and back hall are going to be hardwood. Thanks. This is the most amazing forum ever!!!!!

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I have an ironing board built into my cabinet surround in my new laundry set up that I had installed in my new bathroom remodel this past year. It was a total remodel and I spent lots of time planning. I "general contracted" the job, I did the layout to the room, the cabinet layout and specs, painting, and tiling. I wanted an ironing board too. I could not fit a wall mounted board, so I found a drawer type and it has worked very well for me. Hafele and Rev-a-Shelf make them. I spec'd Hafele and ended up with Rev-a-Shelf because my cabinet person, who ordered the setup I had planned, got it wrong. She got several things wrong, but thats another story. I still have the option for a change out, but I haven't found the need, other than to prove my consumer point. Sometimes I just don't want to press my luck :) I will bombard you with pictures, lol. Note that I have LED lighting with infrared on/off switch activated by the door, and an outlet for my iron. I have to have the door open before I pull out my board because it rises up and prevents the door from opening. Only a minor inconvenience.

Access to mechanicals:

Bottom shelf of the mid cabinet with a false back that I had put in so I could break down the unit for cleaning and emergency water shut off. My power to the w/d is on the back wall below the bottom open shelving where I have my towels and a woven gray basket, seen in the first picture above.

The upper cabinet can be removed to access the plumbing for the shower that is on the other side of the partial wall on the right. I planned this access and ended up using it right away cause the plumber got the rough-in Hansgrohe i-Box plumbed wrong for the shower head I used :/

I love my set up for the ironing board. I would have used a wall one if I had the wall space available, just because that was what I thought was available. When I went looking I found this unit and have been very pleased.

Regarding the flooring, I have tile in this room, and hardwood just to the outside in my hall. I didn't want wood in the bathroom, because I was worried about too many leak potentials.

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Thanks, Enduring. Great pictures and the ironing board looks very sturdy. I looked at an iron a way and was not sure how sturdy it was. I will look to see if the Hafele and Rev-a-Shelf you mentioned have the wall unit. I have a narrow laundry room with slop sink, washer and dryer all side by side. The door leading outside will be removed and the wall will be closed in for the new addition/bedroom and bath. There is a double door closet opposite the washer and dryer so I want to put the ironing board/closet where the outside door had been. Truly appreciated your help.

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You're welcome. Keep us posted on your setup and progress.

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