Condensation inside pvc furnace vent

jjs777December 11, 2011

My furnace and ac vent out through pvc pipes. During the winter, like now, I constantly hear a dripping sound coming from the exhaust pvc pipe. If i look at the pvc opening on the outside of my house, there is obvious condensation and i am guessing it is dripping back down the exhaust pipe, as this pipe is raised at the end. I am also guessing it is raised because it needs to be a certain distance from the intake pvc pipe. The sound is driving me crazy. Is there anything i can do to stop this? Thanks.

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Wrap the pipe in some fiberglass insulation, and make sure they are not resting directly on any framing without some type of soft insert between.

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When you say wrap the pipe in fiberglass insulation, do you mean both inside and outside the house? Thanks for the advice.

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The pipe is somewhat raised because the condensation is meant to roll backwards towards the furnace. This ensures that the condensation can be collected and drained by the condensate pump or drain.

If the pipe were to let the condensate drip outside you would end up with icicles that could block the openings.

As for dampening the sound of the water dripping, you could do like the previous commenter suggested and wrap the pipe in insulation or sound deadening material.

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