Wisk (he) 'Fresh Boost' - stain spectrum technology liquid

CavimumAugust 31, 2011

Haven't seen much discussion about this particular detergent here. I gave it a sniff at the grocery store this week and decided to buy it. Here's a quick review:

The "Fresh Boost" has a very light, almost citrus scent to it, that is quite the opposite of the heavy floral perfume scent of the regular Wisk he detergent that does not appeal to me.

I tried it last night on an almost full load, Warm water, the usual 1/3 dose for full load that was one Tbsp. There was very little sudsing in the rinses, so it was the right amount for my machine & water.

The scent is very, very light on the dried clothing. If you're accustomed to a heavy scent, you won't think this has any scent at all.

It has OBAs but I can live with that, if it doesn't give us itching or rashes (we're basically F&C people with some perfume tolerances), because the scent is so nice and light. Our light to moderately dirty light color & white clothing came out clean.

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I have been using Wisk Fresh Boost for several months now and absolutely loved it. Wisk uses citric acid instead of sodium percarbonate and no residue is left on clothes or machine. My wash water goes into a sump pump so I liked that the Wisk left no carbonated residue on the pump also.

However, I am now trying free- and clear-type detergents as I am trying to figure out if my recent skin irritation is from detergents and soaps or some goofy allergy. I concurrently switched to Vanicream bath soap and a new shampoo with good results, so I don't know when I will go back to Wisk for another trial. I really liked the way Wisk cleaned my laundry and the smell is wonderfully insignificant. The way it rinses clean is really amazing.

Hope this helps you somewhat.

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Still feel the same positive way. Went back to Wisk this week (regular version, not HE) added an extra rinse to what I used last year, and have no irritation problems. Love it.

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I've used Wisk several times, seems to work nicely. Currently I'm using Gain HE powder (non-Ultra, using up the last of a supply bought some while ago), and Era HE 2X Ultra Active Stainfighter liquid. I always add STPP to any phosphate-free detergent.

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