Whirlpool duet WED9600TA0 steam dryer

suziq0370August 20, 2010

I have the above mentioned front loading dryer. I had a power outage and the display read PF. I have since come to question if I have a problem. I use the timed dry cycle (a manual setting) and I have two sets of "settings" lights out. The two in question are the "dryness level" and the "damp dry signal". Both of them cannot be adjusted in the timed dry cycle but I was pretty sure they were both lit. I thought that the dryness level was pre-set to normal and the damp dry signal was pre-set to off. Is there anyone out there with this model or the 9500 model that could do me the huge favor of just turning your machine on and tell me if these lights are in fact suppoosed to be on or off. I called Whirlpool twice and got two seperate answers and the repairman says they are supposed to be off. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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I don't have that model dryer ... but setting the dryness level would NOT be involved on the Timed Dry cycle, so it's logical that the associated lights would not be functional. The damp dry signal probably falls into the same situation.

You do understand the difference between Time Dry and Sensor Dry, yes? Auto Dry or Sensor Dry or whatever the cycles are called on your machine ... the operator sets the target dryness level of the clothes, typically on a range of five choices from Damp or Less Dry to Very Dry, and the machine automatically determines how long to run via moisture-sensing contact bars in the drum to monitor when the clothes reach that level of dryness. The cycle time varies per the related factors such as how large is the load, fabric type/thickness, dryer temp setting, and how much water was extracted on faster or slower spin speed in the washer. The Damp Dry signal would be an option because the intent of the Auto Dry cycle is to *dry* the clothes ... so if you purposely wanted to remove particular items for ironing while they're still damp, you'd need to know when the load reaches the "damp" level of dryness.

Timed Dry, you, the operator, sets the cycle time in minutes and the machine runs for that length of time regardless of how dry are the clothes. The Damp Dry signal would probably *not* be an available option on the timed cycle, because if you expressly wanted the load to be damp, you'd set an appropriate shorter time such 10 or 15 or 20 mins.

Why not try using the Auto Dry or Sensor Dry cycles and see if the dryness level and damp dry lights do work then?

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