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ionized_gwAugust 3, 2010

Does anyone know of a good ironing board cord minder that accepts a think iron cord? My mom has an iron that she likes very much, but the cord is as large as a substantial round extension cord. It is too heavy and won't clip into the cord minders that she has found.

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Can't remember, but does the "cord minder" let the electrical cord slip through the holder, or does it hold it steady? Just thinking if you have a "cord minder" on hand you might actually use a zip tie or a velcro loop. Attach to the knot at the top of the pole. But if you use the zip tie don't pull it down too tight. You don't want to damage the cord. Just a thought, might not work.

Another thought is you might find an old model at your local Goodwill that might be set up for the bigger cords.

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Cord minders come in both types that you mention. Some have a spiral at the end that the cord can be slipped into. Others have a clip at the top. Neither works very well with her cord. The other issue is that sometimes the cord minders cannot support the weight of the heavier cord and bend over.

Thanks for the suggestion, but a more permanent attachment of the cord wonÂt work very well either. They store the board hanging up and minder has to fold up or come off.

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