Leaking Fisher Paykel GWL11

daggettAugust 13, 2012

We have a leak in our GWL11. It appears to be dripping form the Drain Pump. It is leaking even when the washer is not running. My first instinct would be to replace the drain pump. Not having a lot (any) experience with washing machines, is it likely that the drain pump is leaking and would it keep leaking even when the washer is not running?


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It could be the drain pump or the hoses connected to it.

Yes, there could be residual water left in the pump.

Make sure the hoses are fully connected and tight (they could be connected by a "Worm Drive" hose compression clamp or spring type hose clamp).

Check hose for cracks or tiny holes or tighten lose clamps.

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Absolutely DO NOT continue to use the machine with a leaking pump ... there's a large risk the pump can short-out and destroy the controller board. Hopefully the board hasn't already been damaged.

UNPLUG the machine and DO NOT run it again until you investigate. Look under the machine at the pump, visually observe evidence of leaking ... rusting, mineral deposits, or obvious dripping from the pump.

There is always a small amount of water left in the tub outlet sump area that may continue to drip when the machine is not running ... until all of it has dripped out.

Removing, replacing the pump is easy, no tools needed. It mounts to a metal plate under the tub. Remove the pump wires (two leads on a plug and separate ground). Find a plastic latch on the mounting plate. Hold the latch released and rotate the entire pump counterclockwise (as viewed from beneath) to detach it from the plate. Install the new pump accordingly ... lubricate the seal around the impeller with liquid detergent to facilitate rotating it into position.

New pumps now include a retrofit fuse spliced into one of the pump wires in the console to help protect the controller board.

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