LG washer high pitched noise

dfdimaAugust 6, 2014

We got a new washer/dryer combo last week, its LG. I think the washer number is 3470. It makes a high pitched noise when starting to spin the drum. It is not a mechanical noise, it sounds like electric noise. I used the phone app for spectrum analysis and I see it in 15-16k range. My dad doesn't hear it due to his aged ears I'm sure, but I do and its very annoying. We surely could close the door, but I don't know why I should put up with the noise.

The tech from where we got the washer came in today and explained to my wife that this is normal for this type of washing machine, because it does not have a belt, it is driven by magnets??
We have a 4 year old LG washer that I donated to my mom now since we moved, it is also a Direct Drive unit and I never noticed it making this high pitched noise. I am asking my dad to hook up the old machine tonight so I can have a listen again.

Any owners of such LG machines? Do you have this noise?


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I don't have an LG frontloader but i have a toploader that runs on a similar type of direct drive motor. It also makes a jet-engine whine in high-speed spin. Nature of the mechanism.

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I have an LG front loader and it makes a similar noise. It does sound like a jet engine during the spin cycle but a very faint whine can be heard as the drum rotates for washing and rinsing. I always assumed it is just because of the brushless DC motors used in these high efficiency washers. However, something certainly isn't normal - either with your hearing or with the washer, because it doesn't seem loud at all and doesn't bother me in the slightest.

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I have LG front loaders, mine will also have that same noise from time to time. I have had my LG's for for almost 6 yrs, knock on wood, but no major issues as of today. I have believe the noise you are hearing us normal and is due to the speed of the motor. I would not be concerned.

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