Kenmore Elite Gas Steam Dryer?

marthavilaAugust 21, 2011

Hi everyone. As a first time poster here, I'm hoping you can help me out. After 25 years of service, my faithful Whirlpool gas dryer has gone to the appliance graveyard and I'm in the market for a new gas dryer! Having not had to look for a dryer in over 2 decades, I am awed by all the new bells and whistles I'm seeing -- like steam drying, "smart heat", rack drying, etc. (I'm also awestruck by today's prices and looking for a good "budget" deal!) That said, I was browsing yesterday in a Sears scratch and dent and here's the skinny on a purchase I'm strongly considering:

Kenmore Elite Quiet Pak 9/HE 5 gas steam dryer. Originally retailing for $1579.99, on sale now for $394! The sales rep said the reason for the deep discount is that this machine is a LG product and that Sears is no longer dealing with LG for the manufacture of dryers. He also said I need not worry about getting parts for this machine if needed because the supply is abundant. Unfortunately, I did not get a specific model # while at the store. But I'm hoping that some of you may know something of this Kenmore Elite (LG) steam gas dryer line and can give me your take on whether you would consider this deal to be a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Thanks!

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Since no one has chosen to address this query, let me share what I found out on my own shortly after I posted it: that was a phenomenal deal that I should have jumped on the minute I saw it. I did not and the unit was sold later that very same day.

I have since learned that the reason why the unit was marked so low had nothing to do with it being an LG product. Instead, and as I learned from a different sales rep and the showroom manager, it was because it had been sitting on the showroom floor for 8 months. In order to get it out the door and to be able to bring in faster-moving merchandise, the manager took the drastic step of marking it all the way down to 75% off. Why it didn't move faster defies explanation except for the fact that it was to close to avocado green in color.(Not exactly a popular appliance color in 2011. lol) But, for me, that color was no problem since the unit would have landed in my basement laundry room, far from public view.

FWIW, the showroom manager also explained to me that that model was one of about dozen or so other units of various models and manufacturers, that he'd marked at 75% off as "managers specials." He explained that he goes through this "get 'em out the door" exercise about once per quarter. It just so happened that the day I casually strolled into the store, that Kenmore Elite gas steam dryer was the last of those "specials" still sitting there. With a price tag like that, it was screaming for me to take it home. But, again, having been out of the laundry appliance market for so long, I didn't recognize it as such. :-(

Oh well, if there's anything I've learned from this it is: (1) do your homework before you hit the showroom! This way, you at least have a basic understanding of what you're looking at and know whether or not something is a good deal when you see it and (2) if you're looking to make a budget purchase, give yourself time to scour the scratch and dent showrooms on regular basis.

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