Bosch Nexxt not spinning

aliceinwonderland_idAugust 24, 2011

My four-year-old Bosch Nexxt 500 dumped water all over the floor this weekend and now won't spin. When I removed the back cover, it was immediately obvious why this happened.

The drain hose comes up from the pump and pushes into a fitting - friction is the ONLY thing holding the hose in place. Over the course of four years, it vibrated itself loose and water hit the floor. This should have been a very minor, easy fix - just shove the hose back where it belongs. However, the geniuses who designed this machine (and I absolutely love the way it performs and have been extremely pleased up to this point), placed the spin motor control board right under the drain hose connection where it is guaranteed to get wet when the drain hose falls out. There is plenty of room to place this control board on the other side of the machine, out of harm's way. It does have a small, sloped plastic guard over it, but this is inadequate.

So, now I get to replace the motor control board, a $315 part that is becoming difficult to find since Bosch no longer makes this machine.

For those of you who have this machine, I suggest checking your drain hose to ensure it is fully seated, as well as devising a harness to keep it in place. Once you remove the back cover of the machine, you will see the hose on the left side. It should be seated in a plastic fitting such that all you see is the cone portion - if you see the larger, straight portion, push it in further. I will take some pics if anyone requests them. I wish someone had told me about this earlier. I would also like a few choice words with the braintrust who decided it was a good idea to place electronics in the only location guaranteed to get them covered with water.

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I would love to see some pictures of the disassembly and location in question please!!

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Here is a view from the back of the machine, back cover removed. On the left you can see the white drain hose. Directly below it, lower left, you can see the motor controls board. Notice the large empty spot on the lower right where the control board could have been placed.

Here is the culprit. Where I am pointing with the screw driver is where the drain hose is pushed into the plastic piece. It should look like it does in this picture, with only the cone part of the drain hose showing:

In this picture, I am pointing to the very thin o-ring on the top of the drain hose so you can see how far the hose has to be pushed into the fitting.

Here is a closeup of the spin motor control board and wiring. Once the drain hose let go, there was no way this could be safe from water.

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Thanks so much - it is very odd that they'd put it right beneath that. Seems like a "design by committee" decision. Was it tough to get the back off or just a zillion screws?

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The back was easy to remove - about 20 Torx screws and it lifted right off. It looks to me like it was designed to fail, which makes me grumpy. I will be placing a sling on the drain hose to prevent recurrence. The rest of the internals of the machine appear pristine after four years of heavy use.

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And we have liftoff! I managed to locate a new board on eBay for $80, installed it today and all is well. Although, I must say, after decades of DIY repairs, this may be the first time I have finished without an extra screw or two still in my hand, wondering where they were supposed to go - feels a bit wrong.

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I'm surprised there is no type of clamp on that drain fitting.

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