Feeback please on LG or Electrolux Washer / Dryer

mommy2fourAugust 22, 2011

My Kemore Elite HE3T died over the weekend. Instead of repairing I am going to replace both my washer and dryer. I have been doing my research and I am so confused as to what I should get.

My requirements:

-front loader


-high capacity

-low vibration (2nd floor laundry room...)

I don't want to spend a lot because my washers only seem to last 5-7 years because of heavy usage. If money was no object I would probably buy a Miele.

After researching, I narrowed my list down to some LG models and called the appliance store where I bought my kitchen appliances. He gave me some prices along with the following specials being offered right now:

LG2350 $825 - $50 rebate; matching dryer $800

Electrolux EIFLW55 - $700; matching dryer $725

delivery, stacking and hauling away old appliances included

The person I spoke with said they have had good feedback on the Electrolux. He also mentioned LG customer service isn't too good.

I would appreicate any feedback, especially if you own one of these two models.

Thanks! Ann

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I currently have the Electrolux. I am not sure of the model #, but I think mine was a bit more expensive than what you're mentioning. Love it. Would be fine for a 2nd floor laundry.

I have used a GE washer/dryer in a rental house that was made by LG. I hated it. The technician that came out to service it said I should separate my laundry by weight. Like do towels by themselves and not mix it up with clothing. I always do mixed loads so I thought that was annoying. There was a lot of movement and he said the machine was balanced perfectly. He had to replace the boot / rubber gasket thing. I wasn't pleased at all with the machine. So based on that experience I wouldn't touch an LG.

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