F & P dryer fix or replace

daggettAugust 20, 2013

I have a top loading f&p dryer that is about 8 years old. I have loved this dryer in spite of several repairs. With Dadoes help we have been able to make all repairs that occurred out of warranty easily. Well it is time for a new bearing and possibly a belt in the near future. It appears that f&p is discontinuing their top loading dryer and I'm concerned that parts will be harder to come by and more expensive. Also I'm not sure how much to spend on an eight year old dryer.

I have been looking at the old standard Whirlpool with hamper door and top mount lint screen and a Miele dryer, I would purchase the matching washer at a later time when my current washer gives out. Can a king size comforter or bedspread be washed and dried in the current sized Miele's? It appears the larger sized Miele w&d have been discontinued. I have also looked at the Speed Queen dryer. My dryer vent has 4 turns so I would like a dryer with a lot of airflow.

I would appreciate any suggestions on what to purchase.

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This is an electric dryer correct?

I vote replace.

I don't think a king size comforter or bedspread can be washed well in the euro size washers. At least not a standard sized standard thickness one. Some really thick queen size have problems.

But a king size duvet cover and king size sheets can.

Then take down comforter to the dry cleaner every 2-3 years. Or if living on the edge :) wash at Laundromat with extra gentle soap on gentle cycle then place in dryer with a few tennis balls.

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