Where can you buy HVAC putty?

shadetree_programmerDecember 20, 2007

I've posted this under another thread and haven't been getting much success. I need to know where you can purcahse HVAC putty (not mastic or cork tape).

I've already checked a half of a dozen Home Depot and Lowe's and they don't carry it. www.uri.com usually has all the HVAC supplies I need just not this!

Any links or store names would be appreciated!


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As a former Home Depot employee, Home Depot stocks this item. You can find it in the electrical department. It comes as a rectangular slab in a clear packaging. It is grey in color. I went thru the same deal when I was looking for it.

Happy Holidays

Dan Martyn

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We call it perma gum.

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Just curious. I haven't heard of this before. How is it used and how does it differ from mastic?


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This product is typically used for sealing piping penetrations. Penetrations thru the side of the house, including electrical conduit. Used inside for sealing penetrations where the line set penetrates to the DX coil. It does not harden, and is easily removed when needed. Don't get too carried away using it, it has limited purposes.

Hope that helps,

Happy Holidays!

Dan Martyn

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around here it's called duct seal, funny as I have never seen anyone use it to seal ducts.

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Johnstone supply

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